5:30 LRN Newscast July 13

A Houma couple is charged with 1st-degree murder, after a 2-year-old was found dead; stuffed into a trash can. In custody are 28-year-old Maya Jones and her boyfriend 37-year-old Jermaine Robinson; charged in the death of little Ezekiel Harry. Police say their story that the child was abducted never added up. Terrebonne D.A. John Waitz says this is potentially a death penalty case…:

CUT 11(12)      “…to me.”

In Acadia parish, an 8-year-old girl was killed when she was ejected from the vehicle in a crash on state Highway 91. State Police Trooper Tom Gossen says Macey Guidry was not wearing a seatbelt and was in the front seat; both violations of state law. He says, because of that, charges for the drive may be coming…:

CUT 07(13)      “…8-year-old was not.”


The state Department of Health reports another 3560 new cases of COVID-19; most the highly contagious BA-4 and BA-5 omicron variants. 678 patients are currently under hospital care statewide, and there have been another 12 COVID-related deaths.

The widow of Edwin Edwards spoke candidly about her new love, one year after the death of the former four-term governor. Jeff Palermo has the story…:

CUT 02(30)      “…Jeff Palermo.”