3:30 LRN Newscast July 7

The state Department of Health confirms Louisiana’s first known case of monkeypox. The disease causes swelling and numerous bumps that can break, drain and scab over. It is transmitted mainly through sexual contact. LDH says the infected person is from the Greater New Orleans area.

Name, Image and Likeness laws in Louisiana have officially been expanded under legislation passed this year and signed by the governor. So what’s next? Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 02(29)      “…Michelle Southern.”


Senator John Kennedy wants to know why the Justice Department and law enforcement are not dissuading protesters away from the private homes of U.S. Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe versus Wade. He says what they’re doing IS illegal and suspects the White House is behind it…:

CUT 14(12)      “…where we are.”

The state Fire Marshal’s Office is mourning the death of Monty, a retired K-9 officer that helped solve numerous cases. Spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says the 12-year-old golden Labrador passed away peacefully this week, after he was diagnosed with cancer. She says Monty’s work helped top solve some major cases, like a fatal fire in St. Helena Parish, an apartment fire in Slidell that threatened the lives of some children and many others…:

CUT 10(13)      “…finding that suspect.”

His handler, Lt. Brian Mashon, says he was not just a partner; Monty was his dear friend.