2:30 LRN Newscast July 7

Deputies in Ascension Parish say a Wednesday traffic stop led to discovery of an SUV loaded with guns and ammo. Sheriff’s spokesman Donovan Jackson says 38-year-old Reginald LeBlanc of Donaldsonville pulled over after a brief chase, and that’s when officers found an AK-47, a fully automatic handgun and hundreds of rounds of ammo. He says, given the mass shooting Monday in Illinois, this was troubling. Jackson says they don’t know why LeBlanc had the weapons or where he was going…:

CUT 16(10)      “…off the streets.”

LeBlanc was arrested and is in jail. Charges include Convicted Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Monkeypox has turned up in Louisiana. The Department of Health says a person in the Greater New Orleans area tested positive. An out-of-state resident, visiting Louisiana, also tested positive. Monkeypox is not fatal and is transmitted, mainly, through sexual contact.


Changes made by the legislature this year to Louisiana’s Name, Image and Likeness regulations have now been signed into law. This means schools, its employees and boosters can now directly or indirectly facilitate NIL deals for college athletes. Taylor Jacobs, the head of LSU’s newly formed NIL Department, says now that the university can be directly involved, student athletes will have some guidance in what to look for in terms of deals, and businesses can be more comfortable engaging in NIL’s…:

CUT 07(14)      “…in the space.”

Secretaries of State from all over America are in Baton Rouge for their annual conference. Louisiana’s SOs Kyle Ardoin says voting machine vendors will also be there, and quizzed about how to make voting more secure to inspire voter confidence…:

Cut 04  (11)      “…our culture, our food.”