8:30 LRN Newscast

Ballots went out this week to state lawmakers for them to vote on cancelling a veto session. The Conservative Caucus in the House is pushing for an override veto session after the governor vetoed bills to provide more school options for students and personal liberty legislation when it comes vaccination status. But House Speaker Clay Schexnayder says there are some lawmakers who are not interested in holding a veto session….
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It would take a majority vote in either the House or Senate to cancel the veto session, which is scheduled for July 16th.

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Agents are participating in Operation Dry Water. LDWF spokesperson Adam Einck says it’s their annual enforcement of state waterways looking for impaired operators…
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Former Monroe Police officer Jared Desadier is expected to enter a guilty plea in a police brutality case today. That’s according to the attorneys for the victim, Timothy Williams, who says in April of 2020 he was kicked in the face and head after running from officers. Desadier was accused of malfeasance in office and second-degree battery.

Has the Power 5 been shrunken to the Super 2? David Grubb has the story on another major shakeup in college sports…
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