1:30 LRN Newscast June 29

Since a temporary restraining order was placed on Louisiana’s abortion trigger laws Monday, abortions can continue in the state. Brooke Thorington has more from the Director of the Hope Medical Center for Women in Shreveport.

Cut 1 (30) “…I’m Brooke Thorington.”

The FBI has opened an investigation into sex abuse within the Roman Catholic Church in New Orleans that will look into decades of allegations of abuse, including whether priests took children across state lines to molest them, according to a report by The Associated Press. More than a dozen alleged victims have been interviewed so far.

A hearing scheduled for today in U-S District court is canceled as a result of the U-S Supreme Court putting a hold on a lower court ruling that said the Legislature must draw a map that allows for a Black candidate to represent two of the state’s six congressional districts. The high court is considering a similar case out of Alabama and will hold arguments on that case in October, so Louisiana’s case will remain on hold until then. Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields, a supporter of a second-majority Black district, is hopeful SCOTUS will find that the approved Congressional map violates the Voting Rights Act…

Cut 8 (07) “…the plaintiffs.”

Delhi police are investigating a potentially disturbing incident at Delhi High School, where a noose was found lying on the stage of its auditorium. The suspect is one of the contractors working on renovations at the school, and because of that video cameras within the auditorium were deactivated, leaving no footage of what happened. Here’s Chief Roy Williams.

Cut 10 (10) “…hate crime charge.”