12:30 LRN Newscast

The U-S Supreme Court has put a hold on a federal judge’s order that Louisiana must have a Congressional District map where two of the six Congressional districts should favor a candidate. House Governmental Affairs Chairman John Stefanksi says the U-S Supreme Court’s action is not a final decision on the merits of the case…
Cut 7 (08) “…next election.”
The U-S Supreme Court is also considering a similar case out of Alabama and will hold arguments on their case in October, so Louisiana’s case will remain on hold until then. Louisiana Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry….
cut 15 (11) “,….here in Louisiana”
The Secretary of State is moving forward with using the map approved in February by the Republican-led Legislature for the fall Congressional elections.

Louisiana’s three abortion clinics are open as a result of New Orleans judge putting a temporary restraining order on a Louisiana law that bans most abortions because of the reversal of Roe Versus Wade. Katahaleen Pittman is the director of the Hope Medical Center for Women in Shreveport and she says they are trying to squeeze in as many appointments as they can before a July 8th court hearing…
cut 4 (11) “…the staff”

Delhi police are investigating a potentially disturbing incident at Delhi High School, where a noose was found at the school. Chief Roy Williams…
Cut 9 (11) “…and a suspect.”
Williams says the suspect claims it was unintentional, but the chief plans on forwarding the results of his investigation to the local district attorney’s office.