11:30 LRN Newscast Feb 28

Could U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy win if he ran for Governor? One political analyst says, “yes he could.”

Cut 2 (31) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.” 

New Orleans Representative and attorney Kyle Green, files a bill to eliminate the death penalty for the offenses of first-degree murder, rape, and treason. Green says his reasoning starts at one place.

Cut 13 (05) “…number one issue.”

The last execution in Louisiana was in 2010.

Louisiana is getting a major financial investment as part of the Biden Administration’s effort to narrow the digital divide. The U-S Department of Commerce has announced the state will receive more than $29 million to build and improve high-speed internet access for rural communities. Deputy Commerce Secretary Don Graves says there’s more to come.

Cut 7 (14) “… high-speed broadband”


Mardi Gras has been a welcome boost to the state, especially in the metro-New Orleans area but also in the Hub City, where President of the Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission, Ben Berthelot says they’ve seen an influx of tourists, and hotel occupancy is up.

Cut 3 (11) “…Mardi Gras back.”