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Construction of an elevated eight-mile stretch of Highway 1 will begin in January. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Christmas is behind us and the New Year is coming soon, and soon after that … tax time. Brooke Thorington has some filing tips…:

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According to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Secretary Shawn Wilson, this time next month construction will be ramping up to add eight miles of elevated highway along Highway 1 in Lafourche Parish.

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Wilson says the total cost for the project is $463 million. Construction that’s scheduled to begin January 31st is Phase Two of a four-phased project. Wilson says it will elevate one of the highways most flood-prone sections where water and high tide can prevent access to Grand Isle.

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Wilson says not only is the project important for residents to secure an escape route from hurricanes, but the structure also has national impacts. Wilson says 20-percent of the nation’s oil is processed off the Gulf of Mexico and even a hard rain can block access in Port Fourchon.

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Phase 2 of the project is slated to open in 2027.


As the end of 2021 approaches, many start to put together their income tax filing strategies. Jonathan Stoltz is a Certified Public accountant with Malcolm M. Dienes (DEEN-us) in Metairie. He says, under normal circumstances, taxpayers look to minimize earnings and investment income in the current year – to avoid a big tax hit – but tax code changes are expected in the New Year…:

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Stoltz says financial experts believe Congress will changes the tax code in 2022; raising federal income tax rates for the higher wage earners. He says this will also affect your investments, if you have a large portfolio…:

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Stoltz says better to pay taxes now, at a lower rate, than to wait and see how high it goes for next year. What of those of us that do not itemize, have modest investments or retirement, and do not itemize deductions? Stoltz says there are other allowed deductions, in addition to the standard $12-thousand per person. Make sure you claim them and have proof in case of an audit down the road…:

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If you’re looking for a way to dispose of your live Christmas tree and help the environment, Southeastern University has just the ticket. Rob Moreau, manager of Southeastern’s Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station says this is the 27th year they’ve recycled trees for wetlands in southeast Louisiana.

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Moreau says allowing trees to be placed along areas in the wetlands keeps them from clogging up landfills, it helps wildlife build habitats and it’s…

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You can drop your tree at collection sites in Tangipahoa Parish and even a well-known seafood restaurant. Moreau says they’ll begin collecting trees on January 6th.

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Over the past 26 years, Turtle Cove has been involved in the deployment of approximately 40,000 Christmas Trees into the Manchac marsh in various areas

For more information visit Louisiana Radio Network’s website.


2021 was a fairly good year for economic development in our state, despite the challenges. Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson says it could have easily been disastrous, with the ongoing COVID pandemic, the devastation of Category 4 Hurricane Ida, and more…:

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Pierson says this year saw deals struck to build a $10-billion liquid natural gas facility in Cameron Parish, hundreds of millions for expansions and improvements at Louisiana refineries and port facilities, plus major investments from the nations’ biggest online retail outlet…:

Cut 13 (14) “…more than a thousand jobs projected.”

Pierson says newer technologies are also investing in Louisiana; bringing commerce and lots of jobs…:

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The Saints will host the Miami Dolphins tonight with a rookie quarterback and a COVID-depleted roster that results in defensive starters Demario Davis and Malcolm Jenkins also not playing. Ian Book will get the start at quarterback with Taysom Hill and Trevor Siemian also out as a result of COVID. Book is excited about the opportunity…

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Coach Sean Payton is back after missing last week’s improbable win over the Buccaneers with COVID. Payton expects the team will rally around Book and he believes the former Notre Dame star will be able to move the offense…

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