9:30 LRN Newscast Dec 25

State Climatologist Keim says afternoon highs across the entire state will top out somewhere in the mid 70’s to the low 80s for Christmas Day. The very unseasonable temperatures however it does allow kids to try out their new bicycles and if you have a gathering with friends and family planned you can enjoy the weather and follow COVID protocols and congregate outside.

Cut 7 (06) “…COVID situation.”

Governor John Bel Edwards will take a little bit of time away from his executive duties to enjoy the Christmas holiday. Mr. Edwards says he has some plans to relax indoors…:

Cut 12 (06) “…the holiday period.”

The Governor says he’ll also find some time to do some deer hunting and will spend time with extended family that he wasn’t able to last year due to COVID.

The Annual Tradition of igniting bonfires along with the levees in the River Parishes sparked again last night.

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COVID snuffed out the event last year, but large crowds returned to St James, St John, and St Charles parishes Christmas Eve for the bonfires and fireworks to guide Papa Noel’s way to deliver gifts.


If you’re looking for something to watch this afternoon as you are awaiting Christmas dinner you can add Netflix’s School of Chocolate to your queue. Baton Rouge native Tyricia Clark and a graduate of the Louisiana Culinary Institute is a contestant on the baking competition show. And if you then find yourself wanting to try some of her creations she’s started her own catering business call T Cakes, that’s with the letter T.