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Some education officials are miffed about a new Department of Education policy giving parents a say in whether their kids get quarantined for possible COVID exposure. Kevin Gallagher has more.

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Louisiana ranks 5th in the nation for most women murdered by men. Brooke Thorington has more on the rankings from the Violence Policy Center.

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A stop-gap funding bill that includes nearly 29-billion-dollars for nationwide disaster relief wins passage on Capitol Hill, Senator John Kennedy and Congressman Clay Higgins say the disaster funding is far from what the Bayou State needs.  More from Dave Brannen.

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Some state education officials are unhappy with the idea of giving parents a say-so in whether their kid is quarantined after a possible COVID-19 exposure. State Education Superintendent Cade Brumley announced the voluntary policy this week, and New Orleans area BESE member Kira Orange Jones says she’s disappointed.

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Brumley’s directive states that school systems have a choice of whether or not they implement parental choice when dealing with possible virus exposure and quarantining kids. His concern was the huge number of kids missing school and classroom interaction with classmates. Ms. Jones, who represents District 2 on the Board of Elementary & Secondary Education says Brumley should have run his idea past her group first.

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Livingston, Ascension and West Baton Rouge school systems have decided to accept Brumley’s policy, and offer the parental choice of quarantine. East Baton Rouge, Caddo, and Bossier have already said they would pass and leave things as they are; making quarantine after possible COVID exposure mandatory. Jones says she’d like to talk with state health officials and medical experts about the policy.

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Louisiana ranks fifth in the nation in the rate of women murdered by men. The Violence Policy Center says the Bayou State has ranked in the top 10 consistently since 2009. VPC Legislative Director Kristen Rand says a common thread among the southern states in the top ten is access to guns.

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Rand says the ranking states also have a lack of resources for domestic abuse victims in addition to not enough focus on assisting abuse victims.

Another frightening statistic for women in Louisiana is that they are twice as likely to be murdered during or right after pregnancy. Rand says these women are most likely to be killed by their intimate partners.

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In 2016 and 2017 Louisiana ranked second among women murdered by men and the numbers used in the latest rankings are from 2019 and in 2018 ranked 5th as well. However, Rand says moving from second to fifth is not necessarily an improvement.

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The complication of FBI statistics also shows that black women are twice as likely to be murdered by someone they know compared to white females.

Rand urges lawmakers to adopt laws to enhance the enforcement of federal legislation to remove guns from those guilty of domestic abuse and to give women more resources to protect themselves from their abusers.


Congress has finally approved long-sought-after disaster recovery dollars. Louisiana and other states will share 28-billion dollars in disaster aid.  Senator John Kennedy says the money is contained in a bill that avoids a government shutdown…

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No word on the exact dollar amount that will be allocated to Louisiana itself that has suffered through nearly a half-dozen hurricanes since last year, including Laura, and more recently Ida.

Congressman Clay Higgins says while voting for the supplemental disaster relief, he says it falls short of what the state needs from Washington.

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Higgins says it took one of Louisiana’s major cities to be hit by a storm like Ida to get a federal disaster recovery funding bill passed.

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Higgins says the disaster recovery bill doesn’t go far enough, and he plans to battle on.

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Meantime, Congressman Mike Johnson issued a statement says the disaster relief bill provides a down payment on disaster funding and the legislation was a “haphazard, last-minute attempt to keep the government funded.”


State Climatologist Barry Keim says while we’re on the back end of hurricane season it’s no time to let your guard down.  If history is any indication, we’re not out of the woods yet.

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As for the worst hurricane to hit the state during October, It claimed some two thousand lives

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Most of the deaths occurred near Grand Isle from the hurricane that produced a 16-foot storm surge.

Keim says It’s happened before and potentially could happen again where a hurricane waits until the end of October to hit Louisiana. Take, for example, Hurricane Juan.

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Keim says the state has never been hit by a hurricane in November.


For the first time since January 2020, the Saints will play in front of a packed house inside the Superdome when they take on the New York Giants. New Orleans defensive end Cam Jordan doesn’t know what to expect because it’s been so long since they’ve played in front ten of thousands of Who Dats.

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Saints Running back Alvin Kamara says it should be an electric atmosphere when they kick off on Sunday…

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The Ragin Cajuns are looking for their sixth straight road victory in the Sun Belt on Saturday when they visit South Alabama, who is off to a 3-0 start. The Jaguars have been stout on defense, allowing 55 rushing yards per game and the Jaguars are allowing only 15 points a game. U-L Lafayette Coach Billy Napier says South Alabama has always been a good defensive team

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South Alabama has wins over Southern Miss, Bowling Green and Alcorn State. They enter this Sun Belt contest coming off a bye week. Napier says having an open week this early in the season can be good or bad

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