06:30 Newscast May 1, 2015

The Senate Education committee approves a bill that would prohibit the suspension or expulsion of a student between Kindergarten and third grade, unless the child posed a threat to the safety of the school. The author of the measure, Baton Rouge Senator Sharon Weston Broome, says children who are taken out of school so young don’t get to live up to their potential…

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The legislation now heads to the Senate Floor.

A legal analyst says former LSU football player La’el Collins is making the right decision in not rushing to speak to cops about a murder of a pregnant woman. In fact, Tim Meche says he’d be surprised if Collins ever talks to police…

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Baton Rouge Police want to interview Collins about the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Brittney Mills.

With LSU facing big budget cuts that officials say could cripple the university, hundreds of students showed up on the steps of the state capitol yesterday to speak up about the proposed reduction in higher education funding. LSU Student Government Association President Andrew Mahtook says the student body is very concerned about the school’s future…

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About five-hundred students showed up for the rally, carrying signs that said “No Funds No Future” and “Jindal cuts like a knife.” An 80-percent cut in higher education funding is possible because of a one-point-six billion dollar budget shortfall.