LRN Newscast 17:30 April 28

The House Ways and Means Committee approves three different bills that would cap the state’s film tax credit program anywhere from 150 to 223 million dollars a year. Alexandria Representative Lance Harris says the state faces big cuts to higher ed and health care, it’s time to put restraints on a program that costs the state 256-million dollars this year…
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Harris’ original proposal would have phased out Louisiana’s film tax incentive program. But Will French, president of the Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association, says Harris’ bill will put thousands of people out of work and not help the budget…
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Harris bill was turned into a 200-million dollar cap that will be debated more by the full house.

A senate committee approves legislation that would give domestic abuse victims the ability to break a lease or get their abuser out of a home without penalty from their landlord. Scott Carwile has the story….
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In other legislative news….the House Commerce Committee pulled the plug on a bill that would have given the Public Service Commission the authority to regular cable and video service providers. Supporters say it could lead to better customer service, but members on the panel say cable and video services are already regulated.