4:30 LRN Newscast May 24

House Appropriations advances Senate-approved legislation mandating children who turn five on or before September 30th attend Kindergarten. The vote was 19-1. Baton Rouge Senator Cleo Fields says under his bill if a parent doesn’t want to send their child to school, they can homeschool them but either way, they must be educated.

Cut 11 (10) “…nation”

19 states currently mandate Kindergarten attendance including Texas.

LSU Chief of Infectious Disease Dr. Julio Figueroa says we’re starting to see an uptick in transmissible diseases that saw a major decline in the last year as mitigation practices like masking and social distancing are relaxed…

Cut 6 (11) “…in May.”

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon touts the results of the Insurance Department’s complaint process, saying it resulted in 41 million dollars recovered related to 1,500 complaints filed against insurers for mishandling 2020 hurricane claims…

Cut 4 (09) “…instances” 

Insurers received 311,000 total claims related to last years’ hurricanes.

It’s been a wet May, which has made it difficult for cotton farmers. State Cotton Specialist Matt Foster says there have only been a few dry days to plant cotton and a couple of dry days have been followed by several days of rain, limiting the effectiveness of expensive seed treatments.

Cut 12 (10)    “…bigger problem” 

Foster expects to see more soybean acres and a lower cotton crop because of the wetter than normal May.