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Legislation mandating children who turn five on or before September 30th attend kindergarten passes out of House Appropriations 19-1. Alexandria Representative Lance Harris says 54,000 students are already doing kindergarten every year, so it’s clear nearly all parents understand it is an important step.

Cut 10 (11) “…they need”

Opponents say this time would be better spent with the family and not in an educational setting.

Doctors and starting to see a gradual increase in the number of airborne transmissible illnesses like the flu and colds as more people drop their masks and ditch social distancing. LSU Health New Orleans Chief of Infectious Diseases Dr. Julio Figueroa says hopefully the number will stay low now that people are used to pandemic era healthy habits..

Cut 8 (07) “…coming year.”

Cotton farmers are having a rough go of 2021 due to the overly wet May we’re experiencing and the cooler than normal nighttime temperatures we’ve endured this year. State Cotton Specialist Matt Foster says it’s getting bad enough that some farmers are thinking of starting their crop over again…

Cut 13 (11)“…replanting”

The Louisiana Insurance Department says it has recovered 41 million dollars related to 1,500 complaints filed against insurers for issues stemming from last year’s three hurricanes. Commissioner Jim Donelon says the complaint process saves residents the effort of having to take their insurer to court over claim delays and underpayments…

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 77 percent of complaints were related to homeowners policies.