6:30 LRN Newscast April 29

House Education approves legislation outlawing the use of corporal punishment in Louisiana public schools. Baton Rouge Representative Barbara Freiberg, a retired educator, says children mirror the behavior they see in adults, and utilizing corporal punishment teaches kids to solve problems using violence.
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Twenty-nine school districts allow corporal punishment and parents are allowed to opt-out. BESE supports the legislation.

A bill requiring mandatory reporting on college campuses of power-based abuse passes unanimously in the Louisiana House. New Orleans Representative Aimee Freeman says her bill is a result of the Husch Blackwell Report that found numerous incidents of mishandled cases of sexual assault and harassment at LSU.
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Power-based abuse includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, and domestic violence

LSU Ag Center entomologist Blake Wilson says about three thousand of Louisiana’s estimated 200-thousand acres of crawfish farms have been impacted by the invasive apple snail egg masses, which is resulting in more than a 50-percent reduction in overall crawfish catch. Apple snails were sold in pet stores and Wilson says they believe once the snails reached full size some owners were possibly overwhelmed and released them into Louisiana’s ecosystem in 2016….
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Wilson says the snails have been reported in Cameron, Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, St. James, and Vermilion Parishes.