AM LRN Newscall April 29

Outbreaks of apple snails are affecting the crawfish harvest in some areas of the state. Brooke Thorington explains.

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A House committee advances legislation prohibiting corporal punishment from being administered in Louisiana public schools. Matt Doyle has the story…

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The State Softball Tournament begins today and for the first time in over a year players will be treated to full stands with no capacity restrictions. Matt Doyle has more.

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An invasive species is wreaking havoc for some Louisiana crawfish farmers. LSU Ag Center Entomologist Blake Wilson says apple snail egg masses are being reported in as many as six parishes.

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Wilson says apple snails got their name because they can grow to be the size of an apple and their eggs are bright pink and resemble bubble gum and in the egg stage, they emit toxins and can irritate your skin.

While the species isn’t extremely widespread across the state, Wilson says crawfish farmers that have been besieged with them are suffering.

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Apple snails were introduced to the Louisiana ecosystem back in 2016 when they were sold in pet stores for aquariums. Wilson says they believe once the snails reached full size some owners were possibly overwhelmed.

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Wilson advises if you have an infestation, do not move boats or equipment to another body of water because the species will continue to spread.

Wilson says the snails have been reported in Cameron, Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, St. James, and Vermillion Parishes.


House Education approves legislation outlawing the use of corporal punishment in Louisiana public schools.

Baton Rouge Representative Barbara Freiberg, a retired educator, says children mirror the behavior they see in adults, and utilizing corporal punishment teaches kids to solve problems using violence.

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Board of Elementary and Secondary Education spokesperson Ethan Melancon says the board is strongly in favor of adopting this law.

36-year veteran teacher Tammy Wood spoke in support of the bill. She says if a student is acting out schools should work to find out why instead of just beating them.

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Louisiana Association of School Superintendents head Michael Faulk says this decision should be left up to districts and notes the 29 that still allow it have to follow certain corporal punishment guidelines.

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In the 29 districts that allow corporal punishment parents are allowed to opt-out of it and chose other punishments instead.


The Softball State Championships in Sulphur begin today and fans will be happy to know there won’t be any capacity restrictions due to newly relaxed COVID public health orders.

Visit Lake Charles Sales Director Eric Zartler says last year the teams didn’t even get to finish their season, let alone have a tournament, so this means a lot to the players and community…

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The removal of capacity restrictions will also be in effect for the State Baseball Tournament in mid-May.

Zartler says weather permitting they’re hoping for over 18,000 people to attend the 48 team tournament between today’s start of the semi-finals and Saturday’s championship finals.

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Zartler says the elimination of restrictions on outdoor gatherings means these students will get to play to packed stands for the first time this season.

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A bill requiring mandatory reporting on college campuses of power-based abuse passes unanimously in the house. New Orleans Representative Aimee Freeman says her bill is a result of the unreported cases of sexual assault and harassment at LSU that came to light in November.

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Power-based abuse includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, and domestic violence

The bill also requires termination of an employee if they fail to report the conduct to the Title IX coordinator.

Freeman introduced an amendment to the bill to clarify how a mandatory reporter must learn of the power-based abuse.

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Freeman says she worked with the Board of Regents at all public universities and STAR, Sexual Trauma Awareness Response Group…

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The Bill which is part of the Governor’s legislative agenda now heads to the Senate.


The NFL draft begins tonight and wide receiver Jamarr Chase seems to be a lock to go in the top ten, with some projections having Cincinnati picking him with the fifth pick.  Many LSU fans would love to see Chase re-unite with Joe Burrow, draft analyst Mike Detillier says that may not be the best option.

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Another Tiger receiver in the draft is Terrace Marshall Jr.  Marshall battled injuries during his time in Baton Rouge but was a big-time playmaker when healthy.  Detillier thinks Marshall could hear his name called on the first day.

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While Chase and Marshall have the talent to make immediate impacts in the league, Detillier says the most intriguing LSU player in the draft might be Safety Jacoby Stevens.

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The Saints have eight selections heading into the seven-round NFL draft. They have the 28th overall pick in the first round. There was no NFL draft combine and getting medical information has been a challenge. General Manager Mickey Loomis wishes they had the chance to speak with some of the prospects face to face

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The Saints have lost several starters from last year’s NFC South champion team. Quarterback Drew Brees retired and several others were released or lost in free agency to get below the salary cap. But Loomis does not see a lot of big holes on his current roster

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