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Ochsner Health’s 24-hour Vaccine Fest in Jefferson Parish is underway providing convenience and a festival-like atmosphere. Brooke Thorington explains.

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Nearly 1.2 million Louisianans have now received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine as of the Monday update with 720,000 Louisianans being fully vaccinated.

New polling suggests the already widespread support for marijuana legalization in Louisiana has grown significantly over the last 12 months. It’s now up to 68 percent from the public as of the most recent JMC poll and JMC pollster John Couvillon says the policy has support from every demographic and geographic category in the state, except those over 65. There’s been a nine percent increase over the 2020 edition of the poll, and Couvillon says that likely has to do with the state’s legalization of medicinal marijuana.

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The poll features responses from 1,160 individuals.