10:30 LRN Newscast Mar 23

The CDC revises guidance for K-12 schools to three feet for physical distance between students in the classroom in addition to face masks. Congressman Mike Johnson says the previous recommendation of six feet placed 89-percent of school children across the nation in the most restrictive red zone category.

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State Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley says they are waiting on guidance from LDH.

Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau files legislation barring car insurance companies from charging women, widows or widowers, and those with low credit scores higher premiums. Luneau says it’s unacceptably discriminatory to charge women more than men just because of their gender.

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A 30,000-participant clinical trial for AstraZeneca is complete and results show the vaccine is safe and effective. Matt Doyle has more.

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The U.S. Data and Safety Monitoring board says results from the U.S. trial of AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine may have used outdated information. The board is concerned that AZ provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data. The company plans to file with FDA in the coming weeks and outside advisers will debate the evidence before a decision.