7:30 LRN Newscast March 23

Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau has once again filed legislation prohibiting auto insurance companies from charging women, widows or widowers, and those with low credit scores with higher premiums. One argument is that those who are recently widowed start driving more. But Luneau says that narrative is false.
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Similar legislation failed to pass in last year’s session.

The C-D-C is now recommending schools can have students sit three feet apart instead of six feet in the classroom while wearing masks. Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson was one of several federal lawmakers that put pressure on the CDC to change the guidance…
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Louisiana has surpassed ten-thousand COVID-19 deaths, reaching the grim milestone just over a year from when the state reported its first COVID death. The state health department reports that Louisiana has lost more residents to COVID-19 than accidents, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s combined.

A 30,000 participant clinical trial for AstraZeneca is complete and the company says the vaccine is safe and effective. Matt Doyle spoke with a local medical expert
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