LRN PM Newscall Feb 26

The Edwards administration has proposed a 36 billion dollar budget plan for next fiscal year, a 186 million dollar increase over the current year. Matt Doyle has more…

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With the State Department of Education to receive one-billion in CARES funding, one lawmaker is urging them to use part of the funds to help close the digital divide.

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State officials say there is a critical need for blood donations due to supply disruptions caused by last week’s winter storms. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says donating blood is quick and easy. You can call 2-1-1 to be directed to a donation center near you.

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Edwards asks if you have a regularly scheduled blood donation appointment to move it up to this weekend.

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Edwards says this appeal comes directly from the state’s hospitals…

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Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne has laid out the governor’s 36 billion dollar budget plan to legislators today. Thanks to an increase in federal funding for Medicaid, the proposal is a 186 -million dollar increase over the current year. Dardenne says public colleges would see 80 million dollars more to help pay for faculty pay raises.

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Much of the budget increase is being afforded by more generous federal support for the state’s Medicaid program, which is allowing state funds to be moved into other areas. The budget did not include increased funding for early childhood education.

The Governor’s call for a 400 dollar pay raise for K-12 teachers and a 200 dollar increase for support staff would cost the state an additional 40 million dollars a year.

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The budget also calls for increased investment in the Department of Corrections.

The plan will be debated by the Legislature in the legislative session that begins in April. Dardenne hopes these proposals won’t be rolled back…

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Avoyelles State Representative Darryl Deshotel is asking the State Department of Education to use part of the more than one billion it is receiving in CARES Federal Funding to assist areas of the state that lack broadband access, which will help students with virtual education.

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Deshotel says the CARES funding is designated to be used for COVID-related expenses and students need internet access as soon as possible.

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Deshotel says the federal government has given the state $300-million in vouchers for students to buy broadband access, however…

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Deshotel says the Federal Government has designated $349-million for broadband infrastructure in the state but says it’s going to take another 400 to 500-million to close to the digital divide.


As parents struggle with getting their children to eat healthy the American Academy of Pediatrics has some tips on how to first introduce your kids to more nutritious meals. Pediatrician and Mom Dr. Candice Jones says since small children eat small amounts parents need to make every bite count.

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Jones says if possible, children should be breastfed for the first six months of life and then begin introducing them to nutritious pureed food gradually, one new food group at a time.

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Jones says it’s also very important to introduce dairy, eggs, fish, and nuts to prevent food allergies as early as possible.

Another tip is to try to offset the sugary drinks that kids favor with low-fat milk or water and remember that children will model your behavior.

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Jones also reminds you to avoid processed and prepackaged food for children and try to introduce fruit and vegetables with low-fat yogurt in the form of smoothies to make food more appealing for young children.


 The LSU men’s basketball team will take on the Arkansas Razorbacks on the road on Saturday. LSU easily won the previous matchup 92-76 against the Razorbacks but coach Will Wade says they’re a different team now.

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 Wade says a big reason for Arkansas’ improved level of play is due to the confidence they have as a team.

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