12:30 LRN Newscast Jan 5

The state reports that COVID hospitalizations rose by 83 today to 1,974. The record of hospitalization in Louisiana is 1991 setback in April. The State also reports 50 new fatalities from COVID and 56,452 vaccines have been initiated.  On Monday those over the age of 70 and dialysis patients are now eligible to be vaccinated in Louisiana.

A new law took effect this year that requires health insurance companies to cover newly developed precision genetic treatments for cancer patients. River Ridge Senator Kirk Talbot who authored the law says it was inspired by the experience of one of his friends who had breast cancer.

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Talbot says before this law went into effect most cancer patients couldn’t get health insurance coverage for these types of treatments without putting up a serious fight.

Unemployed workers are receiving an extra 300-dollars a week on top of the 247-dollars they receive from the state. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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