4:30 LRN Newscast Dec 31

Starting Monday, a very limited supply of vaccine doses will be available for Louisiana residents 70 years and up and additional healthcare workers. Governor John Bel Edwards says this new “Group 1B” includes about 640,000 people on top of the 250,000 people who are currently eligible.
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Many Louisianans are anxious to ring in the new year and might celebrate by lighting fireworks. State Fire Marshal spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says with severe weather in the forecast be sure you light fireworks 200 feet away from your property…

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Severe weather is a threat for areas across the state tonight, especially for parishes south of Alexandria. A large portion of southwest Louisiana is under a tornado watch until 9 PM.

It’s been an unlucky year for the casino industry, Louisiana Casino Association Executive Director Wade Duty says even though gaming numbers have rebound up to 85-percent, non-gaming revenue losses from concerts, restaurants, and bars, have the industry struggling.

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Duty says the state will have a loss of more than $100-million in casino revenue.

In addition to COVID, 2020 will be remembered for hurricanes. State Climatologist Barry Keim says Hurricane Laura left a major mark on the state when it made landfall in Cameron Parish on August 27th as a strong Category Four with 150 mile per hour winds
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And that area of the state is under a severe weather threat. A large portion of southwest Louisiana is under a tornado watch until 9 PM.