LRN PM Newscall June 17

Kenner Police say a New Orleans couple is under arrest after allegedly leaving their disabled 24-year-old daughter alone in a van while they gambled at a casino. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (30) “I’m Eric Gill”


New Orleans Representative Walt Leger joins state film leaders in urging Governor Jindal to veto legislation that would cap the state’s film tax credit at $180 million. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Kenner Police arrested a New Orleans couple after they allegedly left their disabled 24-year-old daughter alone in a van while they gambled at a casino. Lt. Brian McGregor says 71-year-old William Jackson and 62-year-old Paula Jackson are each charged with cruelty to the infirm. McGregor says officers responded to a call from a concerned citizen…

CUT 3 (10)  “on a caretaker”

McGregor says the victim suffers from traumatic brain injury, cannot communicate, and is completely dependent on a caretaker. He says the vehicle was not running and the air conditioner was not on. McGregor says officers were able to conclude that both William and Paula were inside the casino…

CUT 4 (10)  “time, as well”

McGregor says the woman was left in the van for approximately four hours. After paramedics determined she was not injured, the victim was released to her brother. Although the couple claims to have periodically checked on their daughter, McGregor says that is no excuse…

CUT 5 (08)  “kids at risk”


All the rain we’ve seen in southwest Louisiana is making it difficult on farmers who are trying to grow rice and soybeans. LSU AgCenter extension agent Barrett Courville says there were only two brief periods of dry weather that allowed for planting this spring…

CUT 6 (10)  “soybeans”

Courville says all of the wet weather is also making it difficult on the rice crop. He says wet conditions are very conducive to the development of leaf blast and other diseases in the rice crop…

CUT 7 (08) “2012″

Courville says a lot of the southwest Louisiana soybean crop is totally lost for this year and the soybean acreage will be drastically reduced

CUT 8 (07)  “here”


Gas prices in Louisiana have been rising over the last month. The American Automobile Association says current statewide average is $2.59 for a gallon of regular gasoline, which is a 17 cent increase from 30 days ago. AAA Fuel Analyst Don Redman says even though we’ve seen an increase, last year at this time we were paying around $3.42 a gallon.

CUT 9 (09)  “going up”

Redman says the diminishing stockpile of crude oil is bringing prices up. He says there was also a concern Tropical Storm Bill could impact the production of some refineries.

cut 10 (05) “get higher” 

Redman says crude is still around 60 dollars a barrel because prices tend to go up during this time of year but he expects prices to come down by the end of next month.

cut 11 (10)  “that holiday”


State film leaders are urging Governor Bobby Jindal to veto legislation that would cap the state’s film tax credit at $180 million. The bill puts a cap on the redemption of film tax credits, but does not limit how many tax credits can be issued. New Orleans Representative Walt Leger says he supports the movie industry’s request…

cut 12 (09)  “scarcely afford”

Since the measure doesn’t curtail the state from issuing tax credits, he says it could lead to lawsuits by people whose tax credits are denied after the $180 million cap is reached. Leger says a major problem he has with the measure is that it takes a state authorized and certified tax credit and renders it worthless in some years…

cut 13 (10)  “worth five dollars”

He says the bill could lead to an unfavorable climate that could deter companies from filming in Louisiana. Proponents say if the governor vetoes the measure, it could lead to cuts to higher education and health care. But Leger believes a veto will not make it that difficult for lawmakers to fund all priorities in the state…

cut 14 (09) “this thing out”


The Red River in Bossier/Shreveport is now below flood stage for the first time in several weeks. Mario Valverde with the National Weather Service, says the river has fallen below 30 feet, which is flood stage.

cut 15 (09) “stage area”

Valverde expects the river to drop off a little more and level off at about 29 feet. He says residents will get able to get back into their homes but will be left to deal with debris the flood left behind.

cut 16 (06) “deal with”

Valverde says they are keeping an eye on Tropical Depression Bill as it moves through Texas and into Oklahoma. He says hopefully the rain from Bill will not lead to another significant flood event.

cut 17 (11) “in Shreveport”

AM Newscall June 17 2015

The LSU baseball team avoided elimination at the College World Series by beating Cal State Fullerton 5-3 on Tuesday. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 1 (30) “I’m Michelle Southern”


Lafayette is named one of the top All American vacation spots for 2015 by the Travel Channel. Emelie Gunn has more…..

Cut 2 (28) “I’m Emelie Gunn”


The Food and Drug Administration is calling on food companies to remove artificial trans fat from our diet. Scott Carwile has the story…

Cut 3 (28) “I’m Scott Carwile”


The LSU baseball team avoided elimination at the College World Series by beating Cal State Fullerton 5-3 on Tuesday. This is LSU’s 17th CWS appearance in Omaha, but their first win at TD Ameritrade Park. Coach Paul Mainieri says they are thrilled to finally get a victory at the sports stadium…:

cut 4  (11)  “the right word”

The Tigers fell behind 3-0, but LSU finally got the bats going in the third inning as they scored four runs. After a rough start, Alex Lange went the distance for a complete game victory as he struck out ten and allowed six hits. Mainieri says Lange’s performance was incredible..:

Cut 5  (13)  “continued pitching”

Alex Bregman, who batted from the lead-off spot, was 4-for-5. Mark Laird had three hits and drove in a run. LSU will play again on Thursday night. Lange says after the first inning he had to go back into the dugout and regroup…:

Cut 6 (12)  “really easy”


Lafayette has been named one the top All American vacation spots for 2015 by the Travel Channel. President and CEO of Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission Ben Berthelot says the city has also been named the happiest in the country by The Wall Street Journal as well as a getting a  few other notable titles.

CUT 7 (12)  “foodie cities”

The Travel Channel says Lafayette is filled with many cultural influences especially with their Cajun flair. Berthelot says if they can get people down to experience the city, they’ll be hooked.

Cut 8  (07)  “down here” 

Berthelot believes getting the publicity from big name sources really does bring in new visitors.

Cut 9 (06)  “for us”


Baton Rouge Republican Congressman Garret Graves is pushing legislation to improve Red Snapper access in the Gulf of Mexico for recreational, commercial and charter industries. The recreational season is only ten days old and it finished last week but Graves says the season should be longer.

Cut 10 (12) “put together”

Two different bills are moving through Congress right now. Graves says one bill improves the science used to manage Red Snapper resources  and the second bill deals with making sure commercial and recreational fisherman have greater access to Red Snapper.

cut 11 (09) “Gulf of Mexico”

Graves believes making the season longer helps to maintain Louisiana’s reputation as the sportsman’s paradise. He says fishing is a big part of our state’s culture and science proves the fishery can be better managed to increase the Red Snapper season.

cut 12 (10)  “is absurd”


The Food and Drug Administration orders food companies to phase out artificial trans fats from foods. Doctor Catherine Champagne, a registered dietitian with LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center,says this is great news, because trans fat is not good for your heart….

Cut 13 (07)  “heart disease”

The FDA says the removal of trans fat will prevent thousands of fatal heart attacks. Champagne says consumers should be happy the federal government is taking this action, but more needs to be done to make sure people eat healthy…

Cut 14 (07) “eat though”

Champagne says restaurants have also taken steps to remove trans fat from their foods. She says trans fat helps food have a longer shelf life, but it should taste the same with or without it.

Cut 15  (07)  “that level”


PM Newscall, June 16th, 2015

Bossier Parish officials say water is receding on the Red River and FEMA assessment teams are in the area today to evaluate the extent of the flood damage. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (29) “I’m Eric Gill”


The LSU Student Government releases its first “Legislative Report Card” which grades lawmakers based on their record of protecting higher ed in Louisiana during this year’s session. Michelle Southern reports..:

CUT 2 (30) “reporting”


Bossier Parish officials say water is receding on the Red River and FEMA assessment teams are in the area today to evaluate the extent of the flood damage. Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Lt. Bill Davis says the water on the Red is receding at a pretty rapid pace…

CUT 3 (10)  “forward from now”

Red River waters are receding by a little more than a foot a day and the river is expected to be down to 30 feet by Thursday. However, Davis says there is much concern about Tropical Storm Bill. He says officials are keeping an eye on the potential impact the system could have on the area…

CUT 4 (10)  “flash flooding”

Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Deputy Director Mark Riley says the FEMA teams will be trying to determine if there are enough homes damaged in the area to qualify for a Presidential Disaster Declaration…

CUT 5 (08)  “to the President”

The declaration is required to trigger FEMA’s Individual Assistance Grant Program. The teams will look at approximately 150 homes and buildings in Caddo Parish. Riley says they will be looking for substantial damage to structures…

CUT 6 (10)  “of the house”


Southwest Louisiana is feeling some impacts from Tropical Storm Bill. Johnathan Brazzell with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles says periods of rain are expected from the storm’s outer bands.

CUT 7 (09) “falling as well”

Brazzell says the worst of the weather will be from Houston to the central Texas coast. He says Tropical Storm Bill formed quickly when it got into the Gulf this week, which is a reminder for us to keep an eye out on the tropics over the next several months.

CUT 8 (05)  “the last”

Brazzell says Tropical Storm Bill’s biggest impact to Louisiana could be on the Red River once the storm system moves into northeast Texas and Oklahoma.

CUT 9 (12)  “Red River Basin”


Real Estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump has announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. Governor Bobby Jindal is expected to officially throw his hat in the ring next week. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says this announcement can’t make Jindal happy…

cut 10 (09) “he’s well known” 

There are now eleven Republicans running in next November’s election. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced his candidacy Monday. Stockley says, with the name recognition both Trump and Bush have, it will force Jindal to work even harder to get his poll numbers up so he’s invited to the upcoming debates…

cut 11 (08)  “or South Carolina”

Trump has considered running for president in the past, but this is the first time he has officially declared a candidacy. Stockley says each new candidate announcement just makes it more difficult for Jindal’s presidential ambitions…

cut 12 (07)  “off the table” 3X


The LSU Student Government releases its first “Legislative Report Card” which grades lawmakers based on their record of protecting higher ed in Louisiana during this year’s session. Student Body President Andrew Mahtook says among things they were looking for was a quick fix for the current budget deficit…:

cut 13 (10)  “closer to students”

In all, 40 lawmakers got an “A”, 35 received a “B”, there were 21 “C’s”, 28 “Ds” and 20 F grades. Mahtook says to come up with the report, they graded bills on their weight and importance then plugged in the corresponding votes. He says they were generally extremely pleased…:

cut 14 (10) “with it”

Mahtook says with the publication of the Higher Education Report Card, they hope to open a new chapter in student-legislator relations. He says looking ahead they hope to establish a full time student lobbying commission…:

cut 15 (06) “at the Capitol”



AM Newscall June 16

The LSU baseball team will look to avoid elimination today in the College World Series when they face Cal State Fullerton. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 1 (30) “I’m Michelle Southern”


The Springfield Mayor is resigning after pleading guilty to criminal mischief. Emelie Gunn has more..

Cut 2 (27) “I’m Emelie Gunn”


The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee does not anticipate Governor Bobby Jindal vetoing the bill that puts a cap on the film tax program. Scott Carwile has the story…

Cut 3 (30) “I’m Scott Carwile”


The LSU baseball team will look to avoid elimination today in the College World Series when they face Cal State Fullerton at 2pm. The Tigers are coming off a disastrous performance Sunday. But shortstop Alex Bregman says they are focused on winning…:

cut 4  (10)  “find ways to win”

LSU is 10-0 in games following a loss this season and they have outscored opponents in those games 96-32. Bregman says it seems that when they lose, the team comes back stronger…:

Cut 5  (08)  “leave it all out there”

LSU has not lost back to back games this season. Freshman pitcher Alex Lange will start on the mound today and he says he doesn’t have any surprises up his sleeve…:

Cut 6 (11)  “at the right time”


The Gulf of Mexico’s first tropical system of the season is expected to bring periods of heavy rain to western parts of Louisiana and possibly present more flooding concerns along the Red River. State Climatologist Barry Keim says landfall is expected today in Texas hitting Louisiana with even more rain for the western part of the state.

CUT 7 (10)  “we care to”

Keim says the area of low pressure is expected to move through Texas and into Oklahoma dropping more rain at the source of the Red River flooding.

Cut 8  (12)  “landfall or not” 

Keim says even though Louisiana shouldn’t be getting the severe rains as Oklahoma and Texas, some areas could still get several inches of rain. He says the Red River could rise again as a result of this system.

Cut 9 (06)  “this rain”


Springfield Mayor Charles Martin is resigning after pleading guilty to  criminal mischief for being involved in a  ticket fixing scheme.  Assistant LA Attorney General David Caldwell says Martin and Springfield’s Police Chief  altered a 2011 DWI report to go through misdemeanor court, instead of it being a felony charge.

Cut 10 (11) “in office”

Martin as well as Police Chief James Jones are accused of covering up a woman’s DWI citation. Jones pleaded guilty to criminal mischief in April and resigned. Caldwell says Martin has 90 days to resign as mayor and will not be allowed to seek reelection for this office.

cut 11 (12) “helped out”

Martin’s plea deal will require no jail time. He is required to pay $550 in fines, perform 32 hours of community service and two years of probation. Caldwell says they take cases of small town corruption seriously.

cut 12 (07)  “the right way”


The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee doesn’t see Governor Bobby Jindal vetoing the film tax credit legislation that caps the amount of credits redeemed to 180-million dollars a year. Lafayette Representative Joel Robideaux says if the governor vetoes the bill, it will lead to a 70-million dollar cut to higher education and health care

Cut 13 (06)  “and health care”

Film industry officials believe the legislation is unconstitutional, because it could lead to the state not honoring some credits, because the cap is for credits redeemed and not issued. But Robideaux says legislative staff has assured lawmakers the legislation is legal

Cut 14 (04) “do legally”

Hollywood South is also concerned the legislation will chase movie production away. But Robideaux says a 180-million dollar cap in redeemed credits still allows for 540-million dollars in film production a year and over one-point-five billion dollars over the next three years

Cut 15  (07)  “that level”




LRN PM Newscall June 15

Officials are watching a broad area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico that could affect parts of southwestern Louisiana tonight into tomorrow. Eric Gill reports…

CUT 1 (28) “I’m Eric Gill”


Dozens of vehicles are trapped on a high hill at the Colfax Mudfest Park after a homemade levee gave way and water from the Red River rushed in. Michelle Southern reports…:

CUT 2 (29) “reporting”


Officials are watching a broad area of low pressure in the  Gulf of Mexico that could affect parts of western Louisiana tonight into tomorrow. Jonathan Brazzell, with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles, says it’s very possible this system could develop into something stronger before it hits land…

CUT 3 (08)  “meeting the criteria”

Invest 91-L has a 90-percent chance of developing into a tropical depression or storm before making landfall. Brazzell says the main story with this system will not be the wind, but the rain…

CUT 4 (07)  “with this system”

Brazzell says southwest Louisiana could begin seeing rain this afternoon into tonight due to Invest 91-L. He says some areas between Lafayette and Lake Charles could see significant rainfall…

CUT 5 (11)  “to set up”


State Police say two people have been arrested in connection with a March fatal hit and run in St. Mary Parish. 33-year-old Kista Sedotal of Jeanerette was struck twice and killed while walking along LA 182. Master Trooper Brooks David says a major clue leading to one arrest was found at the scene…

CUT 6 (10)  “pickup truck”

Investigators determined that 46-year-old Brian Timken of New Iberia drove the truck that initially struck Sedotal. Timken was arrested on hit and run and obstruction of justice charges. They also found that a car driven by 25-year-old Kayla Norris of Franklin struck Sedotal sometime after Timken. David says Norris thought she had hit an animal in the roadway…

CUT 7 (08) “and never stopped”

Norris is charged with hit and run. David says if you believe you hit something in the roadway, you should always stop…

CUT 8 (07)  “to your vehicle”


Dozens of vehicles, ATVs and motor homes are still stranded at the Colfax Mudfest Recreational Park after a temporary levee gave way over the weekend, resulting in a considerable amount of water from the Red River entering the park area. Grant Parish Sheriff Steven McCain says thankfully a deputy there on security detail noticed the levee cracking

CUT 9 (09)  “that it broke”

Over 110 people had to be rescued when the homemade levee gave way. The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security was contacted and coordinated air support from the National Guard. There were no injuries reported. McCAin says it was incredible to see how fast the water moved in…:

cut 10 (11) “in one piece” 

McCain says they were able to get the vehicles, including a deputy’s car, on a high hill which is now completely surrounded by water. He says one of the attendants lives seven and a half hours away…:

cut 11 (10)  “secure a road”


Darren Sharper pleaded guilty today in an Orleans Parish courtroom to two counts of forcible rape and one count of simple rape. This was the final step in Sharper’s “global plea deal” resolving criminal charges in four states. Legal analyst Tim Meche says it appears Sharper has sealed the deal with authorities…

cut 12 (10)  “in ten years”

Sharper has admitted to raping at least nine women in Louisiana, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Under the agreement, Sharper is expected to serve 9 years in prison, with credit for good behavior and time already served. Meche says the understanding is that Sharper will serve his time at a federal prison in California…

cut 13 (12)  “much more favorable”

Many are upset about the length of Sharper’s sentence, but Meche says the criminal justice system doesn’t treat everyone equally. Meche says it appears Sharper’s lawyers used his multiple criminal acts in several different states to his advantage…

cut 14 (07) “much more harshly”

LRN AM Newscall June 15

The Fighting Tigers play their worst game of the season in a 10-3 loss to TCU in the College World Series. Jeff Palermo has more…

CUT 1 (30) “I’m Jeff Palermo”


Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association President Will French believes the bill that caps the film tax program at 180-million dollars is unconstitutional. Eric Gill reports…

Cut 2 (27) “I’m Eric Gill”


After viewing firsthand the flood damage caused by the Red River in northwest Louisiana, Senator Bill Cassidy will look to see what could have been done to minimize the impact. Scott Carwile has the story…

Cut 3 (29) “I’m Scott Carwile”


Higher education is appreciative lawmakers found enough funding to prevent deep budget cuts to public universities and colleges. But Higher Ed Commissioner Joe Rallo says long-term funding for colleges is still not guaranteed

cut 4  (10)  “every year”

Rallo says they will ask the next governor to put some budget reforms into place that will give higher ed leaders more assurances that they’ll have a certain amount of money available every year…

Cut 5  (08)  “is protected”

Rallo says even though higher ed avoided significant cuts this year, the amount of state funding going to colleges and universities has decreased substantially during Governor Jindal’s second term in office

Cut 6 (9)  “720-million”


The LSU Tigers played their worst game of the season in a 10-3 loss to TCU on Sunday in the College World Series. The Bayou Bengals committed four errors, two of them by starting pitcher Jared Poche, who misfired on two throws to first base in the fourth inning that started the rout for TCU

CUT 7 (10)  “my fault”

The two throwing errors by Poche in the fourth inning led to two TCU runs. The Horned Frogs scored four additional runs in the 5th inning and four more in the 7th inning. Coach Paul Mainieri says the turning point was Poche’s miscues…

Cut 8  (13)  “fourth inning” 

The loss sends LSU into an elimination game on Tuesday afternoon. Mainieri hopes the Tigers bad play is out of their system

Cut 9 (08)  “describe it”


The state legislature passed a measure capping the amount of the stae’s film tax credit program at 180-million dollars, but some believe the bill is unconstitutional. Louisiana Film and Entertainment Association President Will French says the legislation doesn’t address the issuing of film tax credits, but the redemption of those credits. He says the problem comes when one film tax credit is honored and another is not…

Cut 10 (05) “constitutional law”

French says it’s unconstitutional for the state to treat tax payers differently and by denying a tax credit that was honored for someone else, that’s what would happen. He also says it’s unlawful for the government to take something of value, like a tax credit, and devalue it or take away the person’s ability to use it…

cut 11 (05) “that, constitutionally”

French says there are many ways structure a cap on a tax credit program, but legislators got it wrong in this case. He points out that the legislation is not law, yet. Governor Jindal has yet to sign the measure into law. French says if the governor doesn’t veto the bill, then it will be challenged in court…

cut 12 (09)  “stricken down”


After assessing the Red River flooding in the Shreveport area, US Senator Bill Cassidy says he’ll look into why NOAA’s earlier crest predictions were off. Cassidy says the federal agency’s prediction of a 34-feet crest resulted in an unpleasant surprise when the eventual crest came in at 37-feet

Cut 13 (10)  “much higher”

Cassidy says he’s will also look into whether the Army Corps of Engineers could have done anything differently as the water flowed down the Red River from Oklahoma…

Cut 14 (08) “is understood”

Cassidy says he’ll also push for federal assistance once the request for help is formally made the state level. He says after viewing the flooded areas, it appears a lot of people will need some financial help…

Cut 15  (08)  “for everybody”


LRN PM Newscall June 12

In response to the death of an infant in the care of an unlicensed day care operation, the state releases a list of illegal childcare center operators. Eric Gill has more…

CUT 1 (30) “I’m Eric Gill”


The business community and the film industry are hot happy with what came out of the legislative session. Jeff Palermo has the story

CUT 2 (30) “I’m Jeff Palermo”


In the wake of the arrest of two day care workers in the death of a 22-month old child, the state department of education is now posting on its website a list of unlicensed day care centers. The infant died in the care of a Baton Rouge day care center operator, who had her license revoked. State Superintendent of Education John White wants to make sure this tragic incident never happens again….

CUT 3 (10)  “of a child”

The registry comprises 16 individuals whose licenses were revoked from 10 different parishes. White says local law enforcement and school superintendents are being notified of the underground day cares in their area…

CUT 4 (06)  “communities”

White says he will also recommend to BESE to increase funding so that low-income families can afford licensed day care centers…

CUT 5 (09)  “less expensive”


The department of transportation is reminding Baton Rouge area residents the deadline to take the online I-10 Corridor Improvement Study is this Monday. DOTD spokesperson Rodney Mallett says more than 12-thousand people have taken the online survey already, surpassing their goal…

CUT 6 (08)  “surveys in”

Mallett says the daily number of vehicles on the Mississippi River Bridge has surpassed over 100-thousand, up 14-thousand from 2010. He says this survey will help them come up with ideas on ways to alleviate traffic……

CUT 7 (09) “Baton Rouge”

Mallett says once the survey is completed, the next step is to have a public hearing that will present ideas on I-10 corridor improvements….

CUT 8 (11)  “concepts”


With his final legislative session as governor complete, Governor Bobby Jindal says he has few regrets with what he’s been able to accomplish in the legislature. Jindal says if he got everything he asked for during a legislative session, then he didn’t ask for enough. The governor does say that he is disappointed that he was unable to repeal the state’s income tax…

CUT 9 (06)  “to accomplish”

The governor says this was a very successful legislative session, since lawmakers passed a balanced budget. Jindal says he’s proud of the work done on K-12 education reform. He says the School Voucher Program has proven to be very successful statewide and hopes more students will be able to take advantage of the program…

cut 10 (09) “children’s education” 

The governor thinks legislators took a step in the right direction this year in reforming Louisiana’s tax code by reducing some of the refundable tax credits. Jindal says, if you’re looking for a list of things he was unable to accomplish, he has an idea of where you can find it…

cut 11 (08)  “several months”


Louisiana Association of Business and Industry President Stephen Waguespack says lawmakers approved two-and-half billion dollars in tax increases on businesses over the the next five years on the final day of the legislative session. One of the bills reduces the inventory tax credit businesses receive and Waguespack says that’s something shoppers will notice

cut 12 (12)  “those stories”

Legislators approved the tax increases and a roll back of tax credits in order to prevent big cuts to higher education and health care. But Waguespack wishes lawmakers used a different method to fund those areas…

cut 13 (08)  “those dollars”

The Louisiana Film Industry is also not pleased with the final result of the session. Patrick Mulhearn, Executive Director of the Celtic Studios in Baton Rouge , says the legislature agreed to cap the amount of film tax credits at 180-million dollars, which will slow down movie production in this state

cut 14 (09) “it would”

Mulhearn says they hope Governor Bobby Jindal vetoes the legislation. He says the legislation also creates confusion on which credits the state will honor….

cut 15 (10) “or problems”

LRN AM Newscall for June 12

The Red River has crested in the Shreveport area and now it’s moving toward Alexandria. Michelle Southern has more…

CUT 1 (30) “I’m Michelle Southern”


The legislature passes a bill that increases the tax on cigarettes by an additional 50-cents a pack. Scott Carwile has the story…

Cut 2 (30) “I’m Scott Carwile”


The key piece of the legislation that was needed to prevent a veto of revenue generating bills  made it through in the final hours of the session. Jeff Palermo has more

Cut 3 (30) “I’m Jeff Palermo”


The Red River has crested in the Shreveport area and now it’s moving toward Alexandria. Jonathan Brazzell, with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles, says residents can expect waters to continue to rise for the next few days…

cut 4  (06)  “next week”

Brazzell says the Red is predicted to crest at 38 feet late Sunday night or early Monday morning and that crest could last a day or so before it begins receding. Brazzell says property in Alexandria, Pineville, and areas north of the levee system are at risk of flooding. He says the biggest issue facing residents is backwater flooding…

Cut 5  (09)  “Rigolette area”

Brazzell says it’s estimated that about 100 homes are at risk of flooding in the Alexandria area. He says there are several roads closed due to flooding in the area and more could be closed as the crest nears. Brazell says it will take a while for the water to drain out…

Cut 6 (11)  “of the lakes”


State lawmakers have voted to increase the state’s cigarette tax by 50-cents. If the measure is not vetoed, the tax on a pack of cigarettes will go up from 36-cents to 86-cents on July first. Leesville Representative James Armes voted against the tax hike, he says Louisiana benefits from having the third lowest tax in the country on cigarettes…

CUT 7 (12)  “restaurants”

At 86-cents, Lousiana’s cigarette tax would surpass Mississippi’s tax rate, but it will remain lower than Arkansas and Texas. Revenue raised from the higher cigarette tax will go towards Medicaid funding. During debate on House floor, Armes stood up for smokers…

Cut 8  (08)  “wanna smoke” 

The measure passed on the House on 75-29 votes. Shreveport Representative Barbara Norton was one of the lawmakers who voted in favor of the tax increase ….

Cut 9 (05)  “healthcare”


In Louisiana Radio Network’s 4th week of Governor Q&A, we asked the four major candidates how they would handle transportation issues in the state. US Senator David Vitter says he’s sick and tired of sitting in hours of traffic instead of spending time being productive or with family….:

Cut 10 (09) “change that”

Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle says building roads and bridges are fundamental to our economic development. He says it’s time we put the trust back into the Transportation Trust Fund…:

cut 11 (09) “other areas of government”

Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says with our growing economy and population it’s crucial that we address the transportation projects piling up, but it must be done as part of overall budget reform…:

cut 12 (09)   “for the state”

Amite Representative John Bel Edwards says the state needs to take the money it gets for roads and bridges and use it for its intended purpose…:

Cut 13 (09)  “on those items”


In the waning hours of the legislative session, lawmakers approved the SAVE tax credit, which is needed to prevent Governor Bobby Jindal from vetoing revenue generating bills. Amite Representative John Bel Edwards called the legislation a gimmick and only proposed to help Jindal’s presidential ambitions

Cut 14 (11) “right thing”

Hammond Representative Chris Broadwater told House members a vote against the SAVE fund will result in a 282-million dollar cut to higher education…

Cut 15  (11)  “trained work force”

Governor Bobby Jindal calls it a very successful session, since the legislature passed a balanced budget

Cut 16  (12)  “taxes”

During the debate of the SAVE credit, there was plenty of criticism of the legislation directed towards Jindal. But the governor doesn’t take any of those remarks personally

Cut 17 (09) ” raising taxes” 


A major story line for this College World Series will be whether we’ll see an increase in home runs in Omaha this year. Last there were only three long balls. This season college baseball is using a flat-seam ball, but Coach Paul Mainieri still doesn’t expect to see many home runs in the spacious TD Ameritrade Park…

Cut 18 (13) “first base”

Mainieri has yet to unveil his pitching plans, but freshman Alex Lange is expected to start on Sunday against TCU. Mainieri says he has the confidence that Lange can get the Tigers off to a good start

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LSU is searching for its seventh national championship and first since 2009. Mainieri says the team is ready for a long stay in Omaha

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PM LRN Newscall for June 11

The state House rejects a resolution that asked the Louisiana AG to drop his appeal of a federal judge’s order to release Albert Woodfox. Michelle Southern reports…:

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Colorado Congressman Jared Polis went on a crazy rant about “crayfish” directed at Minden Congressman John Fleming on the US House floor. Eric Gill has more…

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Colorado Congressman Jared Polis went on a bizarre rant about “crayfish” directed at Minden Congressman John Fleming on the US House floor. Polis disagreed with Fleming’s stance on a bill that would prevent the federal government from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized it. Here’s how Polis responded to Fleming’s remarks…

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In his rant, Polis asked Fleming if he would like “smoking crayfish” to be banned. Fleming says Polis’s rant was very odd and puzzling…

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Fleming cited numerous studies that show that states that have legalized marijuana have a much higher use rate among youth aged 12-17. Polis disputes those claims and make his stance on “crayfish” clear…

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Fleming says Polis can be pretty bizarre at times and this is a pretty good example of that.  He feels the Colorado congressman needs to get his facts straight before going on another rant…

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The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness has damage assessment teams in northwest Louisiana to gather information on the amount of damage as a result of the Red River flooding. GOHSEP deputy director Mark Riley says the data collected is needed in a request for a federal disaster declaration

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Riley says if the state secures a presidential disaster declaration, it will allow individuals or families impacted by the flood to apply for financial assistance

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It’s been reported that 300 homes were affected by flooding in Shreveport. Riley says it’s too early to tell if the flooding is extensive enough to qualify for federal assistance

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The state House rejected a resolution today that asked the Louisiana Attorney General to drop his appeal of a federal judge’s order to release Albert Woodfox; the last of the Angola three. Woodfox has been in solitary confinement for over 40 years for killing a prison guard, but his last two convictions were overturned. Baton Rouge Representative Patricia Smith says it’s time to drop this:

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Smith says Angola warden Burl Cain has said Woodfox is not violent and to keep him in solitary confinement like this is ridiculous. Woodfox has long argued that he did not kill guard Brent Miller but Jackson Representative Ken Havard says if the man is set free then the victim’s family would suffer…:(The resolution failed 65-18.)

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Woodfox has said he was targeted because he was trying to expose injustices at the prison and because he was an activist with the Black Panthers. Several House members came to the defense of Attorney General Caldwell and his desire to keep Woodfox in solitary confinement. Havard says this could have been taken care of long ago…:

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The US House votes to repeal a law requiring country of origin labels on beef, pork, and poultry. Richland Parish Congressman Ralph Abraham says it’s projected that Louisiana could face $1.3 billion in new tariffs on exports if Congress doesn’t pass the legislation. Abraham says this issue goes farther than just beef, pork, and poultry…

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The World Trade Organization has ruled that the required labels discriminate against Mexican and Canadian meat imports. Abraham says the regulatory burden put on both countries is leading to them to impose retaliatory tariffs on Louisiana and the US. He says lawmakers are left with few choices…

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The measure now heads to the US Senate. Abraham says if a tariff war erupts, a lot more than beef, pork, and poultry would be involved and it would not turn out in our favor…

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AM Newscall, June 11th, 2015

The LSU baseball team leaves for Omaha today and the fans won’t be far behind as preparations begin for the Tigers 17th College World Series appearance. Michelle Southern reports…:

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The rising waters of the Red River have some concerned that could lead to a higher number of mosquitoes this summer. Eric Gill has more…

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Today is the last day for lawmakers to come up with a budget deal as the legislative session must end at 6 PM. Scott Carwile has more…

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The LSU baseball team leaves for Omaha today and the fans won’t be far behind as preparations begin for the Tigers 17th College World Series appearance. LSU will play TCU on Sunday at 2pm. Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau spokeswoman Deborah Ward says they love it when the Purple and Gold Nation is in town…:

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There are four SEC teams going to the CWS this year all bringing huge fan bases. Ward says they are expecting a major turnout for the city this year…:

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Ward says if you’re still planning a trip, you can go to to check on hotel availability. She says there are lots of events surrounding the big games at TD Ameritrade Park…:

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The rising waters of the Red River have some concerned that could lead to a higher number of mosquitoes this summer. LSU AgCenter Entomologist Kristin Healy says any time you get more water, you get more mosquitoes. Healy says when a river floods, it floods nearby flood plains and that’s where the problem lies…

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She says mosquito control departments in areas along the Red River will have their hands full as they combat the pests. Healy says the mosquitoes the area will see from the floods will likely not be the “house mosquito” that transmits the West Nile Virus…

Cut 8  (08)  “bite humans” 

Although they may not be the type that transmit West Nile, Healy says the mosquitoes produced by the flood waters will the type that like to bite humans. She says, whether or not it’s a bad or mild mosquito year, personal protection is always important…

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The Abbeville Police Department says 8 people are under arrest who were allegedly involved in a cockfighting ring. Detective LeLand Laseter says they got a call mid-May from a concerned citizen who reported they’d seen roosters fighting at a residence in the city. He says cops responded and observed from a distance…:

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Laseter says when officers entered the property, they located feathers, wounded roosters and other things associated with cockfighting…:

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Laseter says they also discovered during the investigation that a juvenile daughter of one of the suspects was illegally selling alcohol to those in attendance. He says the executed arrest warrants on Wednesday morning…:

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The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s office says 4 people described as gangsters have been arrested in the brutal murder of a 15-year-old boy last year. Sheriff Jeff Wiley says 18-year-old Tyrell Williams, 21-year-old Marcus Ester and two juveniles are charged with 1st degree murder in the death of Brandon Augusta. He believes all 5 were under the influence of synthetic marijuana when a fight took place…:

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Augusta went missing in Donaldsonville August 2014 and was found 5 days later along the levee — his body so badly beaten they needed dental records to identify the high school freshman. Wiley says several weapons of opportunity were used in the killing on the bank of the Mississippi River…:

Cut 14 (08) “his body was violated”

Wiley says the 4 suspects involved in the drug induced murder were thugs…:

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It’s the last day of the legislative session and lawmakers have until 6 PM to approve a budget for next fiscal year and pass revenue generating bills that would stave off large cuts to higher education and health care. Senate Finance Chairman Jack Donahue says legislators also need to pass a tax offset to prevent Governor Bobby Jindal from vetoing certain tax bills

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The SAVE tax credit could be used to offset tax increases and satisfy Jindal’s demand for a revenue neutral budget. But House members call the legislation a sham. Donahue hopes the House changes its stance

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LSU President and Chancellor F King Alexander says lawmakers have talked about making higher education a priority, but that doesn’t mean public universities and colleges will not be spared from big cuts

Cut 18 (07) “we’re very concerned’

Hammond Representative Chris Broadwater has told lawmakers that higher education could be cut 282 million dollars, if Jindal vetoes revenue generating bills that are not offset with a tax cut. Alexander says that will be tough to swallow

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