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Supply chain issues are a growing frustration across the country – especially as we all wait for holiday gift deliveries. U.S. Labor Secretary Martin Walsh says that’s a legitimate concern, but if you are worried it will severely impact the holiday gift-giving season … don’t be..:

CUT 12(09)      “…a great thing.”

Walsh says the supply chain issues will likely unkink in early 2022.

Here’s another thing that could help with that: federal legislation to lower the age for interstate truckers from 21 to 18; meaning more drivers would be available to haul those goods to market. Louisiana Motor Transport association director Renee Amar likes the idea..:

CUT 09(12)      “…state lines currently.”

A pilot program for the age change is in the Infrastructure Bill signed into law recently by the President.


We now know more about the death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end Glenn Foster, who died this week while in police custody for alleged assault & robbery in Pickens Country, Alabama. Court records indicate Foster attacked a cellmate while attempting to steal the man’s socks. It remains unclear what happened to Foster between the time of the alleged attack and the time of his death, the next day.

We’ve all heard about labor shortages within the health care industry. Some are lost due to sickness, some fired for not complying with COVID rules … and then there’s burnout. A 2019 LSU study indicates about half of health care professionals suffer from job burnout. Study lead Dr. Brad Speiler says radiologists make up an even higher percentile, perhaps because they spend much of their day in darkly lit rooms; mostly sitting down…:

CUT 07(10)      “…as a radiologist.”

Dr. Speiler is himself a radiologist.

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The infrastructure bill signed into law recently by President Biden also contains a pilot program that would lower the age for interstate truckers from 21 to 18.  More from Dave Brannen…:

CUT 02(35)      “…Brannen.”

Cops in Baton Rouge seek a woman who brandished then fired a gun inside a beauty supply store. The store’s owner was confronting her for shoplifting a wig, when she pulled the piece, fired a round into the ceiling then pointed the gun at the owner. Security cams caught good images and Crimestoppers is taking tips.


An LSU Health study indicates job burnout is very real; especially for healthcare professionals. The 2019 research project shows that fully half of health workers burn out for various reasons. Dr. Brad Speiler, who led the study, says the phenomenon affects other mainstream professions as well…:

CUT 08(10)      “…higher rates.”

LSU quarterback Max Johnson says he’s intending to transfer after two seasons with the Tigers. Surprising, as he started 11 games this season, says Tiger Rag editor William Weathers. The move leaves LSU with only Garrett Nussmeier at QB, so who else could Coach Brian Kelly get? Weathers says one possibility is getting Myles Brennan to transfer back…:

CUT 05(10)      “…philosophically.”

0930 lrn newscast december 8

As expected, Governor John Bel Edwards isn’t changing his stance regarding Covid shot rules for public school students. The proposal was rejected by a House Committee this week, but Mr. Edwards says requiring kids 16 and older to receive the shot is necessary because minors still can get sick from Covid…:
CUT 15 (14) “the parental opt-out”
Edwards says he will continue to push to have the vaccines required for all public schools.

A man in Slidell is busted by the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for allegedly hauling in more than 13-hundred pounds of shrimp without a license. LDWF spokesman Adam Einck says it’s no secret you can’t shrimp without a commercial permit…:
Cut 8 (05) “of that opportunity”
34-year-old Michael Daigle Jr. faces a fine of up to 500 dollars and 90 days in jail for each offense.

According to a report in the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Louisiana has seen a near 70-percent drop in opioid prescriptions for post-op patients since drug laws were tightened up in 2017. That’s when Louisiana had the nation’s 5th highest opioid prescribing rate. The study was led by LSU Health New Orleans professor Dr. Peter Krause who says public awareness also helped
Cut 5 (11) “…same direction.”
Krause says while the study only observed prescribing trends among orthopedic surgeons, he’s hopeful it’s making an impact in the opioid epidemic.

LSU Quarterback Max Johnson announces he’s entering the transfer portal after spending two seasons with the Purple and Gold. Johnson’s decision comes as a surprise after starting 11 games this past season. It’s unknown how new head football coach Brian Kelly feels about this.


Governor John Bel Edwards still plans to move forward with a rule to add the Covid shots to public school immunization list starting with 16-year old’s next year. On Monday, the House Health & Welfare Committee voted 13-2 to reject the proposal. But Mr. Edwards says he’s listening to concerns, however we’re still in a pandemic…:
Cut 14 (10) “…can weigh in again.”
As with other vaccines, parents would be allowed to opt out.

If you’d like to work for a company like Hubig’s Pies in New Orleans or the Bollinger Shipyard in Houma, LED FastStart is holding a virtual career fair for just such manufacturing jobs today. Career Fair Coordinator Jamie Nakamoto says this is a first of its kind event for the manufacturing sector with many jobs open:
Cut 12 (11) “leadership positions available”
The fair starts at 11am and you can get details online at OpportunityLouisiana.com.

Quarterback Max Johnson announces a surprise decision saying he’s transferring from LSU. Jeff Palermo has the story…:
cut 16 (30) “I’m Jeff Palermo”

The Baton Rouge area pastor who made national headlines when he was charged for holding large gatherings early in the pandemic will have his case heard by the state’s highest court. A state district judge had previously refused to dismiss the charges against Tony Spell for violating 2020 pandemic gathering limits. But the Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to hear the case. No date has been set.


Governor John Bel Edwards doesn’t seem too concerned about legislative push-back on mandating COVID shots for kids in schools. On Monday, the House Health & Welfare Committee voted 13-2 to reject the proposal, but Mr. Edwards says he doesn’t necessarily need their approval…:
Cut 13 (14) “and dis-information”
Edwards says he will continue to push to have the vaccines required for all public schools.

There’s little sympathy for people who steal packages during Christmastime and one Livingston Parish judge has sentenced a man who assaulted a UPS employee in December of 2020 to 109 years in prison. Jeremy McDavis terrorized the delivery driver last year with a semi-automatic weapon and forced him to remove packages from the UPS truck and load them into thief’s vehicle. The robber then lead police on a dangerous several mile long chase before crashing. DA Scott Perrilloux says the punishment is appropriate also considering McDavis’ long criminal history.

A recent out of LSU Health New Orleans shows a significant drop in opioid prescriptions:
Cut 1 (31) “I’m Brooke Thorington”

A man in Slidell is busted by the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for allegedly hauling in more than 13-hundred pounds of shrimp without a license. LDWF spokesman Adam Einck identifies the suspect as says 34-year-old Michael Daigle Jr…:
CUT 7 (11) “fishing licenses”


The starting quarterback for LSU most of the 2021 season has decided to leave the school. Max Johnson confirmed on Twitter he would be entering the transfer portal, and his younger brother has de-committed from the Tigers.

Meanwhile, Frank Wilson is back in Purple and Gold as Brian Kelly’s Associate Head Coach. Wilson is leaving McNeese and Athletics Director Heath Schroyer has high hopes for The Cowboys’ future…:
Cut 18 (17) “ever been”
Wilson was only the head coach for 22 months and the Cowboys are now searching for their third head coach since 2019.

Authorities in Alabama say former Saints defensive lineman Glenn Foster Jr. died while in custody of police, according to the New Orleans Advocate.

Eric Dooley was introduced as the 20th head football coach in Southern University history. The former assistant under legendary head coach Pete Richardson just led Prairie View A-and-M to a SWAC championship and Dooley says he plans to do the same at Southern…:
Cut 20 (20) “surrounding states”

New Iberia native Michael Desormeaux was introduced Tuesday afternoon as the new coach of the Ragin Cajuns football program. The former U-L Lafayette quarterback has been an assistant at U-L since 2016 and is looking forward to building on the team’s recent success…:
Cut 16 (16) “in the future”


Governor John Bel Edwards seems undaunted by a legislative committee rejecting his proposal to mandate COVID shots for school kids…:
Cut 3 (29) “I’m Kevin Gallagher”

Manufacturing jobs are flush in the state and the Louisiana Economic Development is holding a virtual career fair today for interested applicants. Jamie Nakamoto is overseeing the event..:
CUT 10 (12) “all these companies”
Visit opportunitylouisiana.com/faststart for details.

A recent study out of LSU Health New Orleans reports a nearly 70-percent drop in post-surgery opioid prescriptions after state laws to reduce abuse of the drug were enacted in 2017. The research was led by Dr. Peter Krause…:
CUT 4 (08) “be prescribed”
He also credits opioid awareness in the public as a factor.

Authorities in Alabama say former Saints defensive lineman Glenn Foster Jr. died while in custody of police, according to the New Orleans Advocate. It was confirmed to news outlets by the Coroner in Pickens County that Foster died Monday, but no other information could be disclosed. The report indicates Foster was involved in a high-speed chase with cops that ended in a crash, then a jail fight with another inmate that drew in jail guards, and an attempt to render medical aid. More on this as it develops.

4:30 LRN Newscast Dec 07

Two remembrance ceremonies were held today on the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial and Museum, one to mark the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor where 46 Louisianans lost their lives. The other was held to remember the 17 crew members who died when the Coast Guard buoy tender White Alder collided with another vessel on the Mississippi River on December 7, 1968…:

CUT 06             (09)      “…lost in that.”

That’s museum executive director Rosehn Gipe.

It’s been 100 days since Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana, and recovery is still an ongoing thing in some of the hardest-hit parishes. Take St. Charles for instance. Parish president Matt Jewell says he still has plenty of constituents living in mold-infested homes or even in their vehicles..:

CUT 11             (12)      “…their coverage.”


The House Health & Welfare Committee votes “no” to the Governor’s plan to add COVID shots to the list of vaccinations required for kids in schools. Like with almost all other vaccines, parents could opt out of their kids having the shots. State Education superintendent Cade Brumley says Mr. Edwards will need to listen to testimony from those in Monday’s committee meeting and…:

CUT 04             (09)      “…school children.”

State Police with Troop I are investigating a pedestrian death in traffic last night. Troopers say a woman was struck and killed by a pickup while walking along Highway 71 in St. Landry Parish. The driver stopped and called authorities. He was determined to NOT be impaired at the time of the crash.

The Caddo Parish coroner identifies the man & woman found shot to death in car in the city’s Mooretown area. DeAngelo Hinton and Teola Booker, both 41, were found in the car early Monday morning. Police are investigating.

3:30 LRN Newscast Dec 07

It’s been 100 days since Ida made landfall and in St. Charles Parish, there are still plenty of people in need of temporary shelter. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 02                   (32)    “…Thorington.”

Former New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Glenn Foster Jr. died while in police custody in Alabama, after being arrested Sunday afternoon for assault and robbery. An autopsy has been ordered to determine exactly how and why he died.


At the U.S.S. Kidd Veterans Memorial & Museum in Baton Rouge today, ceremonies remembering the many killed when the Japanese staged a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on this day 80 years ago. Kidd director Rosehn (Roseanne) Gipe talks of Admiral Isaac Kidd, for whom the ship is named…:

CUT 08                   (12)    “…as it sank.”

46 Louisianans were among the 2400 killed at Pearl.

An East Feliciana Parish man is one of five finalists to win a million bucks in a big televised New Year’s Eve Powerball giveaway. He’s Aaron Rose, of Slaughter, who entered the contest with a photo of his Powerball ticket. Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says Aaron told them what he’d spend that money one, if he wins…:

CUT 14                   (13)    “…for first responders.”

Good luck, Aaron.

2:30 LRN Newscast Dec 07

Not one, but two remembrance ceremonies marking important events that happened on December 7th were held today on the USS Kidd Veterans Memorial and Museum. More from Dave Brannen…:

CUT 01(35)      “…Brannen.”

Shreveport Police are investigating the shooting deaths of two people – a man and a woman – found dead inside a car. SPD says they discovered the bodies in the car, which was stopped in a vacant lot at Miles and Broadway. Shreveport Crimestoppers will take tips at 318-673-7373.


A panel of state lawmakers has voted to refuse the Governor’s plan to require COVID vaccines for kids in school. Despite that, Governor John Bel Edwards says he’ll keep working to include the shots in required immunizations. State Education Superintendent Cade Brumley says, if the shots ARE mandated for fall 2022, his department will work with parents who wish to opt out of getting them…:

CUT 05(10)      “…they need to do so.”

How does a one-in-five shot at winning a million dollars sound? Pretty good odds, right? Aaron Rose, of Slaughter, in East Feliciana Parish was chosen as one of five finalists for the Powerball New Year’s Eve televised giveaway. Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says, as a finalist, Aaron’s already won quite a lot…:

CUT 13(13)      “Party City and more.”

…which he’ll use to throw a big party. He and his fellow finalists will be live on TV as the winner is announced.