4:30 LRN Newscast August 29

People in Beauregard Parish are still stunned after four people – three adults and a child – drowned while swimming in the Sabine River Friday. Beauregard Sheriff Mark Herford says recent rains had made the current too swift to be safe. He says a 4-year-old boy was in distress, and three men went in to try to save him, but also drowned…:

CUT 07(07)      “…that way.”

All four victims’ bodies have been recovered.

August 29th brings some bad memories for Louisiana. It’s the day that Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005…Hurricane Isaac in 2012 and Hurricane Ida in 2021. Among those hit hardest by Ida was St. John parish, where Parish President Jacklyn Hotard says recovery has been slow, due to supply chain problems and insurance red tape…:

CUT 03(13)      “…extremely difficult.”


With so many hurricane anniversaries this time of year, we are reminded to watch the tropics. Right now, four systems bear watching, but State Climatologist Barry Keim says the one in the central Atlantic COULD be an issue for the Gulf Coast…:

CUT 09(10)      “…about it.”

A student at Sam Houston High School in Lake Charles is under arrest, for allegedly making threats on social media to shoot classmates. He had also sent some texts to that effect. The 17-year-old said he’d bring a gun and carry out the deed, but didn’t specify what day. After interviewing the boy, he was placed under arrest for terrorizing. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

3:30 LRN Newscast August 29

The tropics are showing signs of heating up as the National Hurricane Center is monitoring four areas for possible development. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 02(33)      “…Thorington.”

Two – count ‘em – TWO kids at Carroll High School AND Carroll Junior High in Monroe were arrested today for bringing guns to school. Both have been booked into the Green Oak Detention Center on weapons charges. Police say both campuses are now safe and secured.


Authorities in Beauregard Parish report four people drowned Friday while swimming in the Sabine River. Beauregard Sheriff Mark Herford says recent rains had swollen the river and the current was just too strong…:

CUT 06(12)      “…their lives.”

The four-year-old victim has been identified as Bentley Lane Fountain. The adults are Troy McCollough of the Junction community, Kelly Bailey of Hornbeck, and Austin Scott of DeRidder.

LSU football coach Brian Kelly has decided on a starting quarterback for Sunday’s season opener against Florida State, but he’s not announcing who it is publicly. He says he’ll keep the starting quarterback announcement a secret to use as an advantage for the Tigers..:

CUT 13(10)      “…as a weapon.”

The Tigers open their season SUNDAY against Florida State.

2:30 LRN Newscast August 29

For southeast Louisiana, today brings back bad memories.  Hurricanes Katrina, Isaac, and Ida all hit on August 29th. Marsanne Golsby looks back at the one-year anniversary of Ida…:

CUT 01(28)      “….Golsby.”

FBI agents raided Bossier City police headquarters Sunday and arrested the head of the Bossier City police union. The charge or charges against Sgt. Harold “BJ” Sanford are unknown at this time. The FBI investigation is into the Bossier City Police Local 645 of the International Union of Police.


Four people drowned in Beauregard Parish over the weekend. Beauregard Parish Sheriff Mark Herford says a group was swimming and the recent rains brought on a strong current in the Sabine River. Herford says it’s the worst case of multiple drownings he’s worked in more than three-decades…:

CUT 08(10)      “…at one time.”

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring four areas for possible development and State Climatologist Barry Keim says the system in the central Atlantic is one to be mindful of as far as Louisiana is concerned, though we’re still days from knowing where it will go. Because of that, he says there’s no need for you to cancel any plans this week…:

CUT 11(08)      “…a little premature.”

The 2022 hurricane season was forecasted to be above average with 14 to 21 named storms, of which three to six would be major hurricanes. So far, there have only been three.

4:30 LRN Newscast August 25

Republican members of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation do not support President Biden’s plan to cancel or in some cases reduce the student loan debt for millions of Americans. Senator Bill Cassidy calls it a spit in the face of Louisiana families who are struggling to get by…:

CUT 09(13)      “…they make.”

Cassidy says the President is spending 300-billion dollars that the country does not have.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is defending the 43-thousand dollars spent on a four-day trip to France where she signed a “sister city” agreement with a resort town on the French Riviera. Cantrell says the trip allowed her to promote tourism back to Louisiana…:

CUT 12(11)      “…city of New Orleans.”


While many blame the Biden Administration for the increase in gas prices after a ban on new oil and gas leases, the state’s chief regulator of the industry says drilling activity is up in Louisiana…:

CUT 02(32)      “…Thorington.”

DOTD says parts of I-10 through Baton Rouge could be reduced to ONE LANE for a full year, while workers widen the highway. The planned one-lane section will be short, and it’s not expected to begin until early 2024.

3:30 LRN Newscast August 25

Many of us may blame the White House for hampering the energy industry and forcing gas prices skyward, but would it surprise you to hear oil & gas drilling permits are on the increase? State Commissioner of Conservation Richard Ieyoub says up to 800 permits will be issued by year’s end. He says that’s a real increase versus a decline of drilling here in the Bayou State…:

CUT 07(07)      “…our jurisdiction.”

In terms of actual dollars, oil & gas is still the biggest contributor the state’s annual fiscal picture.

The Louisiana National Guard is holding a town hall meeting to discuss the renaming of Camp Beauregard. The name is changing due to its confederate roots. The town hall will be Thursday, September 8th at 6 pm at the camps’ Post Theater in Pineville. The public is encouraged to come to offer thoughts, concerns and suggestions for a new name.


LSU officials are thrilled about the success of their latest fundraising campaign. It has surpassed its goal and done that three years early…:

CUT 01(30)      “…Golsby.”

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is taking heat for showing up in court last week to support a convicted juvenile carjacker; not the victims. Her response…?

CUT 14(10)      “…what I did.”

2:30 LRN Newscast August 25

While many blame the Biden Administration for high gas prices due to its energy policies, the state’s chief regulator of the industry says drilling activity is up in Louisiana…:

CUT 02(32)      “…Thorington.”

A Baton Rouge mother is under arrest for allegedly stealing goods from a children’s clothing store and setting fire to a clothing rack; presumably to cover the escape. LRN is told Jerdae Tanner’s two children assisted in the crime. She is charged with aggravated arson and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.


Count Senator Bill Cassidy as big “no” vote on President Biden’s student loan pay-down plan. Cassidy says instead of providing student loan relief, he believes the federal government should require greater transparency to college costs and post-college earnings. He’s once again calling on Congress to pass his College Transparency Act…:

CUT 11(12)      “…average earn.”

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell defends her recent trip to France for a “sister city” agreement signing…at a cost of $43-thousabnd to taxpayers. She and aides stayed at a luxury hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower. She says she didn’t pick the hotel…:

CUT 13(12)      “…that regard.”

4:30 LRN Newscast August 24

State Police is investigating a fatal police shooting in Cut Off. Trooper Ross Brennan says the Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to call of a domestic disturbance when a subject inside the home shot at deputies and an officer with Port Fourchon Harbor Police…:

CUT 03(06)      “…that subject.”

The man shot is identified as 32-year-old Geraldo Reyes. The investigation is ongoing.

A New Orleans state lawmaker calls for Department of Children & Family Services Secretary Marketa Walters to resign, after two high profile cases wherein the agency failed to protect kids. A Baton Rouge toddler died of a fentanyl overdose; his third in several months. Representative Jason Hughes says he’s tired of excuses…:

CUT 08  (10)        “…administration.”

In another case, a foster father was found to be sexually assaulting kids under his care.


A grand jury indicts a Baton Rouge cop for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a Southern University student over a year ago. 34-year-old Officer Done Steele has been on administrative leave all this time. Detectives say Steele texted the victim sexually explicit messages after the encounter.

Governor Edwin Edwards’ widow announces her engagement to another major Louisiana political figure. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 01(33)      “…Thorington.”

3:30 LRN Newscast August 24

State Representative Jason Hughes continues to call for leadership changes at the Department of Children and Family Services, despite the state agency announcing changes in policy and a push to increase staff…:

CUT 02(31)      “…Palermo.”

The state Department of Health confirms one human case of the potentially fatal West Nile disease in the Acadiana region; the first one in that area since 2018. So far this year, 14 cases the Neuroinvasive viral disease have turned up statewide. Two people have died. LDH says do what you can to avoid mosquito bites.


U.L.-Monroe receives a $2.5-million grant to train first responders on rescuing opioid overdose victims. Associate Professor of clinical practice Dr. Alexis Horace says the goal is to help people get long-term treatment in addition to treating the overdose on the spot…:

CUT 11(12)      “…guide them into care”

Dr. Horace says her goal is to educate four thousand first responders in Louisiana by 2026.

Trina Edwards, the widow of former Governor Edwin Edwards is engaged to former Senate President John Alario. On Jim Engster’s “Talk Louisiana” program, she talked of Alario’s awkward proposal…:

CUT 07(08)      “…so sweet.”

She says no date for the wedding has been set, as yet. Trina Edwards is 44. Alario is 78.

2:30 LRN Newscast August 24

State Police are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting in the Lafourche Parish town of Cutoff. Trooper Ross Brennan says Lafourche deputies, and a Port Fourchon harbor cop, responded to a domestic disturbance and found themselves being fired on. The Harbor Police officer returned fire; hitting 32-year-old Geraldo Reyes…:

CUT 04  (09)        “…this incident.”

More information as it becomes available.

A new weapon in the fight against opioid addiction. UL-Monroe has received a $2.5-million grant to train first responders on handling overdoses; like administering the overdose rescue drug Narcan. Clinical practices professor Dr. Alexis Horace says a big hurdle is first responders not trusting drug users, and vice-versa…:

CUT 13  (09)        “…first responders.”


A New Orleans state lawmaker continues to call for change at the top at the Department of Children & Family Services. Representative Jason Hughes says a toddler died from a drug overdose last month; his third while under DCFS’s watch. In another case, a foster parent was found to be sexually assaulting his foster kids. Hughes says DCFS secretary Marketa Garner Walters should step down…:

CUT 10  (07)        “…starts at the top.”

Hughes is also calling for the assistant secretaries of Child Welfare and Family Support to resign.

A federal judge says the governor can move forward with plans to move some juvenile offenders to Angola, from the Bridge City Youth Center in Jefferson Parish…despite a lawsuit hoping to stop that temporary move. A Baton Rouge judge issued a temporary order blocking the move until and hearing on the suit in early September. The federal court denied that TRO late Tuesday afternoon.

4:30 LRN Newscast August 23

A state judge puts a temporary hold on moving juvenile offenders from the embattled Bridge City Center for Youth, in Jefferson Parish, to Angola state prison. This after plaintiffs sued to stop the transfers. Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino says he’s not surprised, despite the state promising to keep juveniles and adults at the prison strictly separated…:

CUT 06(10)      “…differently.”

A hearing is scheduled for September 6th & 7th in Baton Rouge.

Another jail story for you: The state Fire Marshal says the St. Landry Parish jail is overcrowded and thus a safety hazard. The jail is designed for 242 inmates, but has gone over that number. St. Landry is converting a nearby commercial building into a lower-security trustee dormitory to free up needed jail space.


Federal officials say nationally the traffic death numbers for the first quarter of this year are the worst in twenty years. State officials say there’s a glimmer of good news here, but only a glimmer. Marsanne Golsby has more…:

CUT 02(31)      “…Golsby.”

The Sunshine Bridge across the Mississippi River will close completely this weekend for repairs, after crews discovered a structural crack in a vertical member. It will close Saturday at 6 am and should reopen at 6 pm Sunday.