3:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 08

State Representative Tanner Magee is taking insurance companies to task who aren’t paying up when it comes to Hurricane Ida property damage or have been slow to do so.  More from Dave Brannen…:

CUT 01(31)      “…Brannen.”

Louisiana Congressman and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise blasted the Democrats’ $1.8-trillion infrastructure bill; all 2300 pages of it. Scalise says the bill would give amnesty to massive numbers of illegal immigrants, impose and expensive natural gas tax and create 87-thousand new jobs at the IRS.


The Biden Administration’s COVID vaccine mandate has been slowed down by an Appeals Court in New Orleans. The order would take effect January 4th and require any company with over 100 employees to make workers get the shots or face federal fines. News of the temporary restraining order please Louisiana businessman Brandon Trosclair, who owns grocery stores here and in Mississippi. He employs about 500 people, and is happy someone slowed the president down on the matter. Trosclair feels the matter will eventually come to the U.S. Supreme Court…:

CUT 14(08)      “…continue to prevail.”

The state’s Unclaimed Property fund now has about $5.6-million in unclaimed state tax refunds. State Treasurer John Schroder says, if you haven’t gotten yours, go online and search for your name…:

CUT 07(08)      “…their part.”

Go to LATreasury.com and look for Unclaimed Property.

2:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 08

The Biden Administration’s executive order to mandate COVID vaccines for employees of private companies with over 100 workers is in legal limbo, after a federal Appeals Court in New Orleans grants a temporary restraining order. Louisiana businessman Brandon Trosclair owns a chain of grocery stores and would be affected…:

CUT 13  (04)        “…14th Amendment.”

Trosclair says opposition to Biden’s order should go all the way to the Supreme Court if needs be.

Houma area state Representative Tanner McGee is upset with the slow response many insurance companies are giving Hurricane Ida victims. The storm was August 30th, but many claimants haven’t seen a dime. Some companies he says, are low-balling customers; trying to get them to take less than their claim is worth…:

CUT 05  (09)        “…which is regrettable.”


After a teen was shot and critically injured Saturday at the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport, the manager of the fair says it’s the first one to technically take place inside the fair itself. Chris Giordano says security was stepped up this year after a violent incident two years ago very near the fair, but they will re-examine security again.

Good news out of New Orleans: not a single person has died from COVID-19 is over 18 days. Hospitalizations are also at a record low for this year for the cvity.

The state office of tourism gets worldwide recognition for its response to the coronavirus pandemic. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says, after the lockdowns were lifted, the state offered a trip plan including a free night at Louisiana state parks after buying three nights…:

CUT 09  (09)        “…4th night free.”

The award was part of the annual Wanderlust Travel awards ceremony.

8:30 LRN Newscast Nov 6

Drug maker Pfizer says their experimental antiviral pill for COVID cuts the rates of hospitalization and death by nearly 90-percent in high-risk adults. Dr. Julio Figueroa, Chief of Infectious Diseases at LSU Health New Orleans says being able to treat COVID patients outside of the hospital with the convenience of a pill versus the current option would be a huge advance in treatment.

Cut 5 (07) “…those patients.”

Brandon Trosclair, who employs nearly 500 people at 15 grocery stores he owns in Louisiana and Mississippi, is among those suing strike down the Biden vaccine mandate on private-sector employees. Trosclair says it could cause him to lose employees.

Cut 9 (10) “…gonna get worse.”

The state marked another critical COVID milestone Friday, the lowest number of hospitalizations since spring of 2020. On Thursday the lowest was 235 and on Friday it was 226. Chief of Hospital Medicine at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport, Dr. Mike Sewell says he believes an increase in vaccinations is largely responsible.

Cut 10 (10)  “…contributed.”

Today is the last day for early for the November 13th election. For locations and a sample ballot, visit the secretary of state’s website or use your Geaux Vote app on your smartphone. There are some municipal elections in areas of the state but there are also four constitutional amendments on the statewide ballots.

And don’t’ forget Daylight Saving before you go to bed tonight. Set our clock back one hour.

4:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 05

The state recorded its lowest number of COVID-19 hospitalizations Friday since spring of 2020; and that under is 226. Jeff Palermo has more…:

CUT 02(31)      “….Palermo.”

Detectives in Bossier Parish have added over 100 new child pornography charges to a local man, after an exam of his computer yielded loads of images and videos. Beau Helms was first arrested October 21st for 5 counts of possessing images of child sexual abuse. His bond is set at over a million dollars.


State Attorney General Jeff Landry is among a number of Republican AG’s suing to block President Biden’s mandate that private companies must order their workers to get COVID shots or weekly test, or face termination. The Executive Order also applies to federal contractor, of which Louisiana has many. Mr. Landry…:

CUT 06(08)      “…vastly overreaching”

Biden wants businesses with 100 or more employees to order the shots. A group of private businesses are also suing to block the order.

A $1.3-million Louisiana Lotto jackpot was won last Saturday, by a man in storm-ravaged Lake Charles. Lottery spokesman Dennis Annison says Terrell Joseph Sr. is a richer man now, as is the More 4 Less convenience store, who gets over 13-k for selling the ticket…:

CUT 15(08)      “…operating the store.”

3:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 05

Drug manufacturer Pfizer is seeking FDA approval for a new antiviral COVID pill that they say can cut hospitalizations and deaths by up to 90-percent. Dr. Julio Figueroa, with LSU Health in New Orleans, says high-risk patients will need to get on the Pfizer pill very soon after being diagnosed with coronavirus for maximum benefit…:

CUT 04(10)      “…would fit.”

The state Department of Health’s daily COVID numbers reflect the lowest number of persons in the hospital with the virus in well over a year. As of this morning, 226 patients are under hospital care. That number hasn’t been that low since the spring of 2020. Dr. Mike Sewell, with LSU Health – Shreveport, says the high numbers of COVID patients have made it a bit tough to take care of everyone else…:

CUT 11(10)      “…COVID patients.”


Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is leading a multi-state lawsuit to block President Biden’s order for coronavirus vaccinations in the private sector. Landry says about 60-percent of the state’s budget is tied to federal money; making for one big string attached to be pulled by the White House. He says he feels Mr. Biden forgot we are a republic; not a monarchy…:

CUT 07(07)      “…not his to make.”

Brian Trosclair is a businessman who runs 15 grocery stores in Louisiana and Mississippi, and employs about 500. He says many of them could face termination if they don’t get the shots, and feels it’s ironic that just a year ago they were being hailed as heroes…:

CUT 08(08)      “…for their families.”

Both Landry and Trosclair feel the White House order (which takes effect January 4th) is a severe overreach.

2:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 05

Federal lawsuits fly, as President Biden moves forward with mandating COVID vaccine shots for millions of American workers. Dave Brannen has more…:

CUT 01  (35)        “…Brannen.”

Meanwhile the state Department of Health reports 538 new cases of coronavirus today with 226 patients in hospitals; the lowest reported number since spring of 2020. Since the start of the pandemic, over 14-thousand Louisianans have died from COVID.


Drug maker Pfizer says their experimental antiviral pill for COVID cuts the rates of hospitalization and death by nearly 90-percent in high-risk adults. Dr. Julio Figueroa, Chief of Infectious Diseases at LSU Health New Orleans says if the data holds true the drug is noteworthy…:

CUT 03(12)      “…significant. Very significant.”

Pfizer wants the FDA to authorize the new drug ASAP. Merck has a COVID pill that’s been OK’ed in Britain, but not yet in the U.S.

A Lake Charles man wins $1.3-million in last Saturday’s Louisiana Lotto drawing. Lottery spokesman Dennis Annison says Terrell Joseph Sr. claimed the pot early this week. Annison says the store that sold the ticket won its largest commission ever for selling the winning ticket…:

CUT 14(10)      “…the jackpot prize.”

No word on what Mr. Joseph plans to do with all that money.

4:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 04

Law men have shot and killed the man believed responsible for the murders of three people early this morning in Shreveport. 36-year-old Barry Rigsby allegedly killed two adults and a 12-year-old child in a home in the city’s West Grove area, then fled the scene. His car was found later in Franklin Parish, some 150 miles east. Franklin Sheriff Kevin Cobb says they located Rigsby in an apartment in Wisner and called in State Police…:

CUT 13  (10)        “…at this point deceased”

Can your dog or cat get COVID if you’ve been exposed? Alma Roy, with the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab says it’s pretty un-common, but yes it is possible. She says if Rover or Snowball are acting sick take them to the vet right away…:

CUT 08(07)      “…animal tested.”


A suspected child predator is behind bars in assumption Parish. Sheriff’s deputies say an investigation that started last month led them to arrest 26-year-old Layne Barras, of Napoleonville, on two counts of aggravated rape. Barras’ victim is an underage child.

Open enrollment is now underway through January 15 for those seeking health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. More from Dave Brannen…:

CUT 01(30)      “…Brannen”

3:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 04

A massive manhunt is underway across northern Louisiana after three people were found murdered in a Shreveport home early this morning. The suspected killer is 36-year-old Barry Rigsby. Shreveport PD spokesperson Sgt. Angie Wilhite says it started with a woman checking up on her son found the three victims; one of them just 12 years old…:

CUT 09  (12)        “…shot to death.”

Rigsby is apparently headed east. His car was found a few hours ago in Franklin Parish; some 150 miles from the murder scene.

Need health insurance? Open Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is underway now through December 15th. The coverage is aimed at those who cannot get health care insurance through conventional means, or who cannot afford it. Chris O’Brien is with United Healthcare of Louisiana…:

CUT 05  (10)        “…Medicare or Medicaid.”


A cotton farmer in northeast Louisiana describes this year’s cotton harvest as better than average. Edward Greer grows 22-hundred acres of cotton in Richland and Ouachita Parishes and expects to see more cotton planted in the state next year because of the higher than normal price for cotton…:

CUT 12(04)      “…cotton prices.”

However, Greer says, agriculture – like most other industries – is having supply issues which are causing problems.

A new report finds that Monroe is the fourth most dangerous college city in America. That report is from online safety resource, SafeWise and cites findings based on FBI statistics from 2020. SafeWise is quick to add that crimes aren’t necessarily happening on the UL-Monroe campus, but rather within the city in general.

Louisiana’s shortage of doctors and nurses isn’t getting any better. The shortage began before the COVID pandemic, but has since been aggravated by some medical facilities demanding workers be vaccinated or face termination. A fair number have simply resigned.

2:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 04

Police across northern Louisiana are searching for man suspected of murdering three people last night in Shreveport. Shreveport PD Sergeant Angie Wilhite says 36-year-old Barry Rigsby is considered to be armed and dangerous. His vehicle was found in Franklin Parish; about 150 miles east of where the murders took place…:

CUT 11  (08)        “…out of our jurisdiction”

Wilhite says a domestic dispute led to Rigsby allegedly killing three people; one a 12-year-old child.

Most of us had no idea we could give the COVID virus to our pets … but we apparently can. Alma Roy is with the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab. She says if you’ve had it and your pet is sick, testing them is a good idea…:

CUT 07(06)      “…PCR test.”

She says COVID in pets is far from common, but it can happen.


Open Enrollment is underway for the Affordable Care Act. Dave Brannen reports, if you need health coverage, you only have until December 15th…:

CUT 01(30)      “…Brannen.”

Louisiana’s two U.S. Senators are among a group of 30 are opposing President Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate. The Executive Order says private companies with 100 or more employees must order them to get the shots or pay federal OSHA fines. A Congressional Review Act could let Congress overturn the order as unconstitutional or beyond the reach of the Executive Branch. Senators Cassidy and Kennedy says they’re all for the shots, but they should not be mandated.

3:30 pm LRN Newscast Nov 03

Elections held in parts of the nation Tuesday were won mostly by Republicans, and that may not bode well for Democrats in next year’s mid-term elections. In Virginia, GOP candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe by a decent margin. So why would Blue State voters go Red? Louisiana pollster John Couvillon…:

CUT 12(07)      “…economic issues.”

He says this could foreshadow the 2022 mid-terms, although he feels Louisiana incumbents are all in a comfortable place for re-election.

A Pineville man has been arrested for a fatal hit-and-run crash last weekend in Grant Parish. State Police say 62-year-old Keith Roland struck and killed 35-year-old April Dubios as she walked along the shoulder of U.S. Highway 71, just north of Montgomery…then left the scene. Roland is in the Grant Parish jail. Troopers are still seeking the vehicle he drove Saturday morning as evidence.


State Police say the man shot and killed by Houma cops Tuesday charged the officers, using a screwdriver as a weapon. 36-year-old Johnny Magee died from his injuries. Trooper Ross Brennan says the incident remains under investigation…:

CUT 05(08)      “…later on.”

Saints fans were hoping all-pro wide receiver Michael Thomas would return soon and now he’s not coming back at all this season. Jeff Palermo has the story…:

CUT 02(31)      “…Palermo.”