10:30 AM LRN Newscast Oct 30

Today’s the last day to request an absentee ballot for the November 3rd election. Matt Doyle explains.

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Federal investigators are looking for a Louisiana absentee voter in Texas whose mail-in ballot was found open and left in the trash. The ballot is presumed stolen from a post office in Houston. KPRC-TV in Houston says the ballot addressed for Baton Rouge was found in a dumpster at an apartment complex, it showed a vote for President Trump. Security camera footage shows two men dumping white postal bins into the dumpster.

We still don’t have a timeline for when power will be restored for most customers impacted by Hurricane Zeta, but it appears it could be out in some areas through the November 3rd election. Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin says he’s confident that one way or another they can deliver this election to the people of southeast Louisiana, whether that means generators or other options…

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As COVID cases across the country are on the rise, comparatively Louisiana’s case rates have been steady for the past month. However, Assistant State Health Officer Dr. Joseph Kanter says they are starting to see an uptick in the Bayou State. Dr. Kanter says contract tracing indicates outbreaks at religious services, high school football games, and small gatherings in backyards.

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