AM Newscall for March 20

The Spring Equinox occurs later today at precisely 5:45pm our time, marking the end of winter and the very beginning of Spring. Michelle Southern reports…:

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A survey by MarblePort Polling shows it could come down to Republican US Senator David Vitter and Democratic state representative John Bel Edwards in a runoff. Eric Gill reports…

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Crawfish season is in full swing in Louisiana and it looks like this weekend will be prime for a boil. Michelle Southern reports…:

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The Spring Equinox occurs later today at precisely 5:45pm our time, marking the end of winter and the very beginning of Spring. State Climatologist Barry Keim says this past winter will go into the record books as a cold and dry one in Louisiana…:

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Keim says as far as the Spring outlook, expect more precipitation over the next couple of months than we usually get because of the current El Nino…:(Keim says it would be great if the El Nino would stick around through summer because they tend to mitigate the opportunity for Hurricane activity.)

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Keim says The Bayou State has been getting a lot of rain over the past few weeks and it’s setting the stage for what we can expect this spring. He says the good news is that the Climate Prediction Center says we should have normal temperatures throughout the season…:

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A survey by MarblePort Polling on Louisiana’s governor’s race shows Republican David Vitter leading the field with 34-percent of the vote. Democrat John Bel Edwards is close behind with 31-percent, followed by Republicans Jay Dardenne with 14-percent and Scott Angelle with 7-percent. MarblePort Founder Ethan Zorfas says the early picture in this race is clear…

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The automated phone survey polled just over 1000 Louisiana residents. Zorfas says there appears to be a bit of a resurgence of the Democratic Party. He says Edwards is getting support from White Independent voters and looks to be sitting pretty good for a runoff spot…

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Zorfas says there is still time for Dardenne and Angelle to make an impact in this election. He says both candidates will need to work hard to expand their name recognition and message…

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Spring is in the air and crawfish season is in full swing in Louisiana. Gulf Seafood Institute Chairman Harlon Pearce says they expected a substantial change in the price of the mudbugs once we got those crazy early March winter temperatures out of the way and you’ll certainly see it this weekend…:

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Pearce says you could easily see boiled crawfish this weekend at about $3.50 a pound…:

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Ray McClain is an aquaculture professor with the LSU Agcenter Rice Research Center in Rayne and he says not only will the prices be down this weekend, there will be plenty of mudbugs out there. He says when the temperatures are up, the catch is up…:

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McClain says this could be one of the better crawfish seasons that Louisiana has seen in the past several years…:

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The Louisiana National Guard says they’ve gotten 10 bids from companies with ideas on ways to get rid of the 15 million pounds M6 propellant at Camp Minden. The EPA agreed to delay an open tray burn of the explosives and said they would entertain alternative methods. Col Pete Schneider says these 10 companies have all submit proposals on what should be done…:

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Schneider says in addition to various state agencies, area residents who opposed the open tray burning will also be part of the team formed to evaluate the situation…:

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Not many details are being released about the bids themselves or the ideas being presented. Schneider says based on analysis of all the proposals by all committee members, hopefully a recommendation will be made…:

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The LSU men’s basketball team’s season ended in heartbreaking fashion last night as the Bayou Bengals blew a 16-point lead and lost 66-65 to North Carolina State. LSU missed its last 12 shots from the field and six free throws in the final four minutes to allow the Wolfpack to steal the victory. Head Coach Johnny Jones on the missed free throws

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LSU’s leading scorer was Tim Quarterman, who had 17 points, nine rebounds and seven assists. But the sophomore from Georgia says they were just one play away from advancing to the round of 32….

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Jarell Martin and Jordan Mickey each posted double-doubles, but Mickey was four of nine from the free throw line and missed a lay-up with 22 seconds left that would have given LSU a three-point lead. Martin finished with 16 points in what could be his last game as a Tiger…

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