4:30 PM Newscast

The discussion over the 25-percent maximum capacity at athletic events took the spotlight at a legislative committee this morning.  Assistant state health officer Dr. Joe Kanter defended the current spectator cap by saying it isn’t the social distancing in the stands that is the area of concern.

Cut 7 (10) “…risk of transmission.”

The high school football season kicks off tomorrow night.

State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry warns a Legislative committee there will be another spike in COVID cases during flu season, and the spike will rival the numbers we saw in spring.  Guidry says his prediction is based on the 1918  Spanish Flu pandemic where a spring wave subsided only to be replaced by a much deadlier late fall outbreak.

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The House Governmental Affairs Committee heard several bills today that would give lawmakers more of a say when it comes to emergency orders. Most of the focus was on Jonesboro Representative Jack McFarland’s bill. It would create a Council of State to give input on whether an emergency order should go beyond 30 days.  The governor, state treasurer, attorney general, House Speaker, and Senate President would be members on the council  Democrats on the committee have concerns, including Shreveport Representative Sam Jenkins…

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Attorney General Jeff Landry visits with the family of a Jefferson Parish fourth-grader who was suspended earlier this month after handling a BB gun in view of his webcam during a virtual learning session.  Landry says the punishment, including a weapons violation on his permanent record, is an overreaction.The child was not given a chance to appeal his punishment.  Landry says after meeting with the family, it is clear the parents taught their children about accountability.

Cut 11 (07) “…to be accountable.”