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Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter says his city is going to need a lot of outside help if it’s going to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Laura. Hunter is calling for people from across the nation to donate to causes aimed at helping the city and its people.

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The Mayor notes the most optimistic projections indicate it will be at least four weeks before power is restored and that Hurricane Laura was the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the state in 150 years. Because of that Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser is calling on Louisianans to pitch in and help their neighbors. Nungesser is encouraging you to visit Volunteer Louisiana Dot Gov and help out.

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Non-profit and faith-based organizations in need of volunteers can contact Volunteer Louisiana.

The Tigers lose their Biletnikoff awarding winning top receiver Ja’Marr Chase after the SEC record-breaker decides to opt-out of the season and instead focus on the NFL draft. Detillier says Chase set LSU and SEC records with 1,780 yards receiving, 20 touchdowns and 84 catches last season…

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Detillier says Chase is likely a top-five pick in the 2021 draft.

Tulane researchers are awarded a 150,000 dollar grant to begin making a second-generation COVID-19 vaccine. Tulane Microbiologist Dr. Lisa Morici says it is common that first-generation vaccines are not as effective as second-generation vaccines, and points to polio as an example of another disease that required more than just one round.

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