AM LRN Newscall for August 3rd

Congressman Clay Higgins and three other candidates are signed up for the 3rd Congressional District Race. Matt Doyle spoke with each…

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LSU football season ticket holders are being asked for their feedback on attending a game at Tiger Stadium this fall. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The Louisiana Health Department has looked back at the deaths of pregnant women in 2017 and finds most of them could have been preventable. Brooke Thorington has more

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Three candidates have signed up to take on incumbent Congressman Clay Higgins in the 3rd District November race.

Former oil driller Rob Anderson, a Democrat, is in the running. He criticized Higgins opposing renewable energy funding. Anderson says Louisiana could be leading the way in green energy…

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Anderson says if elected he would put more of a focus on securing funding and repair for the I-10 Bridge, a point Higgins also highlighted.

Democrat and Mount Olive Baptist Church Pastor Braylon Harris says Higgins’ temperament is not a good fit for the current times. He says his background in community work has trained him to be diplomatic.

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Democratic candidates won roughly thirty percent of the vote in the 2018 election.

Restaurant manager Brandon Leleux, a Libertarian, is the only third-party candidate in the running. He says he’s running on Libertarian ideas like…

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Higgins says his constituents know him well and he’s got a record of being unwavering about his core conservative principles since winning the seat in 2016.

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Higgins won the 2018 race with 55 percent of the vote in a first-round that featured another Republican that also received twelve percent of the vote.


LSU is polling season ticket holders to get an idea of how many of them still want to watch football inside Tiger Stadium this season.  LSU ticket manager Brian Broussard says they are planning to have fans in attendance, but to get an idea on how many season ticket holders want to attend games this year, they are sending them an online questionnaire this week.

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The governor, state and local health officials will have final say on how many fans can be inside Tiger Stadium.  The governor’s office says it would be purely speculative to say what kind of capacity guidelines there will be for gatherings and events in two months and any state guidance would come in late September.

Broussard says it is unclear if there will be any tickets available for fans that are not season ticket holders.

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Broussard says for those season ticket holders choosing to opt out of attending games in person, there will be three options as to what can happen with the money already paid.

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A state health department study finds that most pregnancy-related deaths of women in 2017 were preventable. State Perinatal Medical Director Dr Veronica Gillispie-Bell says 65 total deaths were reviewed and 80-percent could have been prevented.

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The most common cause of death that that was not pregnancy-related was homicide, followed by motor vehicle crashes and accidental overdose. In researching the homicides among pregnant women, they found that many were connected to intimate partner violence.

Gillispie-Bell says pregnant women need to have better access to care and guidance to seek resources.

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The study also finds that in 2017 black mothers are twice as likely to die compared to white mothers and far more likely to die of pregnancy-related issues. Gillispie-Bell say that systemic racism and health disparities like access to care and economics play a role.

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The SEC’s decision to play only conference games this season, leaves ULM with two holes on their football schedule and the school will miss out on a reported three-point-two million dollars. That’s how much the school would have received for playing Arkansas and Georgia. ULM athletic director Scott McDonald still wants to talk with those schools

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McDonald does not believe ULM will lose out on that money. He says if the school doesn’t play those two games, the Warhawks are still committed to a 12 game schedule…

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If the Big 12 decides to go to a conference only schedule, Louisiana Tech could lose its game with Baylor? Could we see ULM and Tech play each other in football. McDonald says he’s open to the discussion

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Nicholls will not have the opportunity to play LSU in Tiger Stadium in October, because the SEC’s new conference only schedule. Colonels athletic director Jonathan Terrell says he’s disappointed for their student-athletes…

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Nicholls also lost its season opening opponent Mississippi Valley State, because the SWAC moved its season to the spring. The NCAA Board of Governors is expected to discuss tomorrow whether they should cancel the fall championships because of COVID-19. The Colonels have been in the FCS playoffs the last three years and Terrell says the plan is to still have a fall season

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