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Former Klan leader and state lawmaker David Duke has been banned from Twitter for “repeated violations of the Twitter rules on hateful conduct.” Youtube banned Duke last month and Tyler Bridges, Author of The Rise and Fall of David Duke, says the former gubernatorial candidate is running out of places to spread his message.

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Duke last ran for office in 2016, getting 58,000 votes in a campaign for the Senate seat that was won by John Kennedy.

Governor Edwards warns residents to prepare to deal with the current restrictions for at least another few weeks as he plans on extending his Phase Two order once it expires next week. Edwards has faced criticism from some Republican lawmakers over the restrictions, but Edwards says he’s following White House guidance…

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LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron reacts to the SEC’s football season shakeup due to coronavirus. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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After three straight days of declines hospitalizations for COVID-19 have increased today, along with ventilator use. New case counts continue to come in below last week’s average of 2,000 though at 1,800 new COVID cases reported. Its now been clear over two weeks since the mask order was put into place, and it appears to have cut new cases by several hundred a day.