9:30 LRN Newscast July 31

Governor John Bel Edwards responds to the federal class-action lawsuit filed against him by several bar owners in the Acadiana region. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
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Louisiana remains number one in per-capita COVID-19 cases, but the number of coronavirus patients in the hospital has dropped the last three days. Edwards is hoping that trend continues. Also, the governor says don’t expect major changes to the Phase Two guidelines when he extends them next week. He says the mask mandate is the new normal.

Nearly 200 new state laws take effect tomorrow. These are measures approved during the regular session. One new law greatly expands the state’s medical-marijuana program, allowing for any doctor in good standing with the state to recommend the treatment for a patient dealing with a debilitating condition…
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Also starting tomorrow, properly licensed Louisiana and non-resident hunters can shoot feral hogs at night on private property the entire year with the landowner’s permission. Jonesboro Representative Jack McFarland wrote the law and says this new regulation also extends to other damaging species such as nutria, beavers, and coyotes…
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Hunters are required to contact that parish’s sheriff office within 24 hours prior of attempted nighttime take.