12:30 PM Newscast

In an effort to stop runaway youth COVID transmission, the governor’s office releases a PSA featuring half a dozen young people describing the serious symptoms they had as a result of COVID-19. Those in the video discussed some of the misconceptions about how youth are allegedly “unaffected” by the virus.
Cut 7 (12) “…spread it”
The PSA ends with the young folks imploring their friends to mask up.

Louisiana’s COVID-19 testing has hit another hurdle with the turnaround time on getting results.  Early in the pandemic, there was a lack of nasal swabs to conduct tests, but now Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Alex Billioux says the timeliness in getting a result makes the difference in being useful data in stopping the spread and just adding numbers to the stats.
Cut 10 (08) “…probably not useful.”

The state reports 1125 cases today, the lowest new daily case count in three weeks. Deaths rise to 3,700.

The Main Street Recovery Program application process is now open and State Treasurer John Schroder encourages small business owners not to wait on their chance at up to 15,000 dollars…

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