AM Newscall 07/28/2020

A rise in chronic conditions is putting more Louisiana residents at risk for colorectal cancer.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The Main Street Recovery Program application process opens at 9 AM today and State Treasurer John Schroder encourages small business owners not to wait on their chance at up to 15,000 dollars…

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The Imperial Heath Urgent Care Center in Moss Bluff is seeking COVID-positive patients to participate in a nationwide clinical trial testing the effectiveness of a new COVID treatment. Matt Doyle has more.

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According to a study from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a rise in chronic conditions is putting more Louisiana residents at risk for colorectal cancer.  Medical Director at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Dr. Jeremy Wigginton says there has been a substantial uptick in cancer cases for those with inflammatory colon conditions.

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Diabetes and diagnosed obesity are also contributing factors and Louisiana saw significant increases in all of these major risk factors in the study period between 2014 and 2018.

Wigginton says someone with a history of such conditions should talk to a doctor about when to get screened.  Wigginton adds that the screening process has become much easier in recent years and people just need to get it done.
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Wigginton says early detection is key, and many times during colonoscopies, preventative measures can be taken during the screening.

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Starting at 9 AM today businesses with fewer than 50 people can begin applying for Main Street Recovery Grants through the State Treasurer.

Eligible businesses can receive up to 15,000 dollars in no-strings-attached cash, but Treasurer John Schroder expects the limited fund will be exceeded in seven days.

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Applicants should visit

Schroder says this is different from the PPP Loans handed out by the feds earlier in the pandemic…

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Businesses must have a brick and mortar location, and only businesses that did not receive federal assistance will be given money during the first 21 days.

Schroder says while the program isn’t coming directly from the federal government, the cash is.

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The program was controversial when first proposed in the Legislature. Opponents noted it took money away from funds designated to help local governments.


If you have COVID and you live in the Lake Charles area the Imperial Heath Urgent Care Center in Moss Bluff would like you to participate in a clinical trial for an experimental new treatment.

Facility Director Dr. Jason Morris says if you present at the urgent care with COVID-like symptoms you’ll be given a quick test and if positive asked to join the trial. If you do…

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The initial infusion will take about an hour, and you’ll be monitored for several hours afterward.

Morris says you’ll then be enrolled in an 85-day trial and asked to monitor your symptoms and be available to have blood work done on you.

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Morris says several patients have already seen positive outcomes from the treatment at Imperial.

Morris says they want to really nail down how much of the treatment they need to administer for it to be effective.

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The study has already enrolled 20 of the 40 participants it is seeking.


The Acadiana area is seeing the addition of nearly 400 new jobs as educational software company SchoolMint announces it will be moving their headquarters from San Francisco to Lafayette.  Governor John Bel Edwards was on hand for the announcement has says this is further evidence of the state’s economic growth for the 21st century.

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The move comes following SchoolMint’s acquisition of Lafayette-based Smart Choice Technologies in 2019.  The company will retain the 13 existing jobs at the Lafayette office as well as consolidating offices located in New York and Miami to the area.

Edwards says SchoolMint will create 178 direct new jobs.

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The company will make a capital investment into new facilities at just over a half-million dollars.

Edwards says the decision to come to Lafayette is based on several factors.

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Veterans on the Saints report for training camp today but it will be a few days before they get on the field. Players must pass three COVID tests during a four-day period before they can enter the team’s training facility in Metairie. NFL analyst Mike Detillier says the Saints are positioned well to handle this unique season

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The NFL and its players’ association have agreed to an extensive list of health and safety protocols and players will be tested often. But Detllier says there will be hiccups along the way and players will still test positive

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There will be no preseason games this year and training camp rosters are 80 players, instead of 90. Detillier says it will be harder for coaches to evaluate players on their own team and they also don’t have tape on players from other teams…

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Padded practices will not start for the Saints until August 17th.