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An Ochsner COVID-19 study of 25,000 Jefferson and Orleans Parish residents conducted in mid-May finds black residents are nearly twice as likely to get infected as white residents, but once infected are just about as likely to suffer a fatal outcome. Research scientist Dr. Amy Feehan adds another interesting note from their data was…

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About 6 percent of whites and 11 percent of blacks are believed to have been exposed to COVID-19 and have antibodies as of mid-May. Seven percent of residents in those parishes total are believed to have antibodies.

TV viewers who use the antenna in Shreveport and Monroe will need to rescan their television sets so they will we able to receive local channels. FCC Chair Jean Kiddo says To rescan your TV set go to the menu button on your remote control and under antenna use the autotune or auto program setting. But Kiddo recommends this for all antenna users in the state…

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The special session is in the rearview mirror, but what do lawmakers feel were the highlights? Kevin Barnhart has the details.

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New coronavirus numbers are in from the Department of Health for the state and case numbers have increased by 1,383 for a total of 61,561. This is the third day in a row reported cases are over a thousand. Hospitalizations are up by 41 for a total of 840. Deaths increased by 17.