8:30 A.M. LRN Newscast 07/01/2020

The Legislature approves a 34-billion-dollar operating budget for the fiscal year that starts today, one that looks fairly like the one Governor Edwards proposed. Despite the influx of hundreds of millions of dollars in CARES Act money, Edwards warns there will still have to be some cuts due to COVID-related revenue shortfalls.
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Civil lawsuit reform legislation is headed to the Governor’s desk that supporters say may lower auto insurance rates. The bill passed with a few hours left in the special session. It promotes more jury trials and opens the door for additional information available to a jury. Baton Rouge Representative C. Denise Marcelle asked the question on everyone’s mind…
Cut 5 (07) “…insurance”
But ultimately, she voted for it alongside several other Democrats who had previously opposed it.

The Louisiana National Guard will be performing more hospital flyovers today honoring first responders and frontline healthcare workers. Louisiana’s Army aviation commander Col. John Plunkett says two teams of four Black Hawk helicopters will lift off around 11 am, one group from Hammond, the other from Pineville.
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YouTube has shut down the channels of six well known white supremacists including former Louisiana House member David Duke. A YouTube spokeswoman says Due and others “repeatedly or egregiously” violated the hate-speech policies. Duke says he does not like being banned by YouTube but he added he expected it. The former KKK grand wizard turns 70 today.