Legislative Report 06-30

The special session has concluded and many tort reform advocates are celebrating a deal cut in the final few hours of the session that led to the passage of a reform bill that supporters say will lower auto insurance rates.

The bill sets the jury trial threshold at 10,000 dollars, limits when insurance company’s names can be mentioned in court, removes a ban on mentioning a crash victim’s seatbelt status, and make other adjustments to collateral source, which appeared to be the biggest stumbling block in negotiations between the GOP and Governor

Crowley Representative John Stefanski calls it an important step forward…

Cut 4 (11)_ “…rates.”

But Baton Rouge Representative C. Denise Marcelle asked the question on everyone’s mind…

Cut 5 (07)  “…insurance”

Evangeline Parish Senator Heather Cloud celebrated the bill’s passage, saying it would help fix the ongoing crisis in commercial auto insurance markets.

Cut 6 (09) “…the books”

Edwards signaled his approval of the legislation, complementing Republicans for compromising.

Legislation blocking civil suits against schools for COVID outbreaks also passed and Governor Edwards says he intends to sign it.

The Legislature wrapped up work on the 34 billion dollar budget. Despite the influx of hundreds of millions of dollars in CARES Act money Edwards warns there will still have to be some cuts due to COVID-related revenue shortfalls.

Cut 13 (11) “amounts” 

Edwards indicated he is concerned about the revenue impact of a series of tax cuts for businesses that passed…

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