LRN PM Newscall June 30

Jefferson Parish will join Orleans in requiring people to put on a mask before entering a business. Matt Doyle has the story.

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Louisiana reports an additional one-thousand new coronavirus cases on Tuesday as hospitalizations and deaths also continue to rise. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng will require everyone inside a business, customers, and employees, to wear a mask as COVID-19 numbers continue to rise. Sheng says her proclamation takes effect Wednesday and she believes it’s the only way the parish will be able to move into Phase Three.

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Sheng says those who violate this order, could be fined up to 500-dollars. She’s requiring workers at businesses to wear face masks while in all common areas…

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In New Orleans, Mayor Latoya Cantrell says she’s serious about mask-wearing and is not afraid to shut a business down who is in non-compliance

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According to the state health department, only 59% of those who tested positive from COVID-19 since mid-May have responded to phone calls from contact tracers and only one-third are answering calls within the crucial first 24 hours after the test results.  State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry…

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Louisiana’s contact tracing efforts are facing some major hurdles in its work to combat the spread of COVID-19 including unanswered calls, privacy concerns, and distrust from elected officials.

Contact tracers call those who have tested positive, then call those that the individual has come into close contact with over the last two weeks.  The process is confidential.  Guidry says there has been an uptick in the number of people paying attention to the advice of health officials with the recent upswing in cases.

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Governor Edwards says there is a great appreciation for those that answer the phone and comply with contact tracers but he’s pressing for more cooperation.

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Caddo Parish District Attorney James Stewart announces a grand jury has returned an indictment against eight Shreveport police officers for allegedly using excessive force against two men who were apprehended on January 24th. Stewart says each officer is facing one count of malfeasance in office

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A written report from Stewart’s office says dash camera video from a Caddo Parish Sheriff’s deputy vehicle shows the eight Shreveport police officers physically striking two individuals at the end of a police chase. Stewart says the eight men charged were booked and released on bond…

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The D-A’s report says the men who were beaten by Shreveport officers suffered injuries, including a broken nose and broken orbital plate. The charges against them, which included drug charges and resisting arrest have been dropped.


The state reported one-thousand new cases today as the state’s total case number surpassed 58-thousand. Assistant State Health Officer Doctor Joseph Kanter says COVID hospitalizations are at their highest level since May 28th….

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The number of COVID patients hospitalized is 781 and the number of patients on ventilators is up to 83. Kanter says 90-percent of the new cases is the result of community spread

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Governor John Bel Edwards’ next COVID-19 press briefing is tomorrow. Edwards has said he’s looking for more compliance from businesses. Kanter says the governor would rather see everyone do more when it comes to spread mitigation efforts, than returning the state to Phase one coronavirus restrictions…

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