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Starting Wednesday people entering Jefferson Parish businesses will need to wear masks. Jefferson Parish President Lee Sheng says this now applies to workers inside office buildings when they are in common areas. Sheng explains how that might look…

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In Orleans Parish Mayor Cantrell has already threatened to close one Walmart that was allegedly in gross non-compliance.

According to data from the state department of health, of those that have tested positive for COVID-19 since mid-may, only 59% have responded to phone calls from contact tracers. Governor Edwards says there is a great appreciation for those that answer the phone and comply with contact tracers but is pressing for more cooperation.

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Only one-third are answering calls within the crucial first 24 hours after the test results. 

Caddo Parish District Attorney James Stewart announces a grand jury has returned an indictment against eight Shreveport police officers for allegedly using excessive force against two men who were apprehended on January 24th. A written report from Stewart’s office says dash camera video from a Caddo Parish Sheriff’s deputy vehicle shows the eight Shreveport police officers physically striking two individuals at the end of a police chase. Stewart says the eight men charged have been booked and released on bond…

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The D-A’s report says the men who were beaten by Shreveport officers suffered injuries, including a broken nose and broken orbital plate.

Louisiana records just over a thousand new COVID-19 cases today, with another large jump in total hospitalizations. The total number of cases now sits at over 58,000 but of them, over 42,000 have recovered.