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The House and Senate are now in progress for the last day of the special session, and lawmakers have until 6 PM to wrap up their business. After months of legislative battles there’s still a big unknown as to what the status of tort reform aimed at lowering auto insurance is, and LaPolitics.com Publisher Jeremy Alford says no one knows if the Governor, who has expressed concern about many of the changes, or the GOP, who’ve pushed them since the start of the regular session will prevail…

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Louisiana crossed the 57,000 case mark yesterday and many are anxiously awaiting today’s numbers to see if our rise in cases and hospitalizations continues. State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry says the only good news about the new numbers is that it seems to have wakened people up who had started slacking off on wearing masks and social distancing.

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The Louisiana Workforce Commission reports over half of the money in the state’s unemployment trust fund has been spent during the coronavirus pandemic.   LWC Executive Director Ava Dejoie says there is growing concern the fund, which was at one time just one billion dollars, will run dry within 14 weeks

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Currently, most unemployed workers are receiving $247 weekly from state funds and $600 weekly from the CARES Act funding, but those federal dollars are set to expire at the end of July.

A new report from the CDC indicates pregnant women are more likely to experience symptoms or even be hospitalized after contracting COVID-19.  LSU Health New Orleans Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology assistant professor Dr. Rebekah Gee says pregnant women are no more likely to die from the virus.

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