6:30 LRN Newscast June 30

The Louisiana Workforce Commission reports over half of the money in the state’s unemployment trust fund has been spent during the coronavirus pandemic. LWC Executive Director Ava Dejoie says there is growing concern the fund, which was at one time just over one billion dollars, will run dry within 14 weeks
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If the fund runs out of money, Dejoie says the state will have to borrow from the federal government to pay out unemployment benefits.

The C-D-C says pregnant women are at an increased of suffering from severe illness of COVID-19 than women who are not expecting. Doctor Rebekah Gee, CEO of LSU Healthcare Services Division, says pregnant women are five times more likely to be hospitalized and nearly twice as likely to be put on a ventilator…
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Louisiana abortion providers will not need admitting privileges as the US Supreme Court has struck down a state law passed in 2014. Congressman Mike Johnson, who served as co-counsel for the state when the law was argued before a federal judge, says the law was designed to protect women from unsafe abortion procedures.
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Civil Rights attorney S.Mandisa Moore-O’Neal says the ruling makes it clear requiring privileges is an undue burden.
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