530 PM LRN News/Legislative Report

Tort reform aimed at lowering auto insurance rates has taken center stage through most of the regular and special session and now lawmakers have until 6PM Tuesday afternoon (this afternoon) to pass their last ditch efforts before the session ends.

LaPolitics.com Publisher Jeremy Alford says legislators are still considering everything from resolutions temporarily suspending portions of current tort law, to new bills by a freshman and the House Speaker…

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House Speaker Clay Shexnayder’s bill, which is less expansive than legislation vetoed by Governor Edwards, is in conference committee. Alford says one of the most interesting new developments is a bill by Mandeville freshman Representative Richard Nelson that includes items like a lower jury trial threshold, but also…

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Outside of the central battle over tort lawmakers have a number of other issues to finalize.

Legislation shielding public and private schools from suits related to potential COVID outbreaks on their campuses is one vote away from final passage. The now 35 billion dollar budget still needs to be finalized. A number of tax breaks and credits for COVID impacted businesses are still being considered as well, but are finding opposition from Democrats who say the state doesn’t have the revenue to do that right now.

The US Supreme Court overturns a Louisiana law authored by Monroe Senator Katrina Jackson in 2014 requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges. Senator Jackson spoke about the ruling this morning…

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Opponents say the law was an effort to subvert Roe vs. Wade, and if it remained law, it would have shut down two of the state’s three remaining abortion clinics.