7:30 LRN Newscast June 27

Louisiana logged another 1,300 new COVID cases yesterday, putting the state close to the 55-thousand total case mark. Assistant health secretary Dr. Alex Billioux says the vast majority of new cases are coming from community spread. He says more people are showing up to emergency room departments with COVID-19 symptoms
Cut 12 (12) “…epidemic”
The percentage of tests that are positive is eight-percent, the federal goal is to keep it below 10-percent.

Governor John Bel Edwards says we are seeing more cases within the community because there are some businesses not practicing social distancing and not following capacity requirements…
Cut 4 (12)_ “…these mandates.”
Edwards says he’ll shut a business down before placing tighter restrictions on all businesses.

In New Orleans, they are mourning the death of Blaine Kern, Sr., who was known as Mr. Mardi Gras. Kern was the founder of Blaine Kern Artists, which designs, builds, and stages most of the region’s largest carnival parades. Mardi Gras expert Arthur Hardy says Kern’s energy and creativity did not slow down in the later years of his life.
Cut 10 (10) “…just didn’t stop.”
Kern built his first Mardi Gras float on the back of a mule-drawn wagon with his father in 1932 and is credited for turning Mardi Gras float building into a multi-million dollar business. He was 93-years-old.

The Louisiana Farm Bureau has a new president for the first time in 31 years as Jim Harper from Rapides Parish has been elected to replace Ronnie Anderson. Harper is a crawfish, sugarcane and soybean farmer, who previously served as vice president.