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State Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley unveils the guidelines schools will be operating under as students return in August. Matt Doyle has the story.

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Blaine Kern, Sr., founder of Blaine Kern Artists, which designs, builds, and stages most of the region’s largest carnival parades, has died. Kern is credited for turning Mardi Gras float building into a multimillion dollar business. His wife confirmed his death on Facebook. Kern, who was widely considered Mr. Mardi Gras, died at his home in New Orleans. He was 93.





COVID-19 is impacting summer travel. The AAA travel forecast shows Americans will take 700 trips, down nearly 15% compared to last July through September. Driving sees the smallest decrease in travel volume, down 3.6% over the year. While summer gas prices haven’t been this low since 2016, AAA spokesperson Don Redman says it is not enough to spur travel.
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Redman says the last time the AAA travel forecast showed a dip in over the year travel was 2009, following the 2008 recession.
Louisiana’s first harvested batch of industrial hemp has been tested and is in compliance with rules for the crop.  State Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says the crop received the green light after being tested to make sure THC concentration level is below the legal limit of .3%. Strain says in Louisiana there are over 100 people licensed as growers, processors, transporters, or seed sellers and producers and with the budding industry is a further exploration of additional utility for the crop.
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