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Heated moment Wednesday afternoon in the House as lawmakers took up a resolution to create a task force dedicated to studying policing policy. Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says the Black Caucus and Republican leaders struck a deal to pass the resolution in exchange for stripping it of any mention of George Floyd and agreeing not to hold floor speeches on policing.

But after amendments passed stripping the bill of its George Floyd reference, Prairieville Representative Tony Bacala spoke saying cops are more likely to be killed in the line of duty than black men are to be killed by cops. He says since 2017…

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James was incensed and for five minutes held the floor with an impassioned speech…

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The resolution passed unanimously and goes to the Senate.

The House approves legislation protecting public and private schools from civil suits by students or teachers who say they got COVID on school grounds. Amite Representative Robby Carter says a school board superintendent told him this bill was vital to actually having students back in classrooms come fall.

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The vote was 82-17.

A bill that places an eight-percent tax on net revenue from online fantasy sports contests is heading to the governor’s desk after it received final legislative approval. The money would generate about 375-thousand dollars a year. River Ridge Senator Kirk Talbot says all of the money will go towards funding early childhood education

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In 2018, voters in 47 of the 64 parishes legalized fantasy sports betting. Residents in parishes who voted for it have been waiting for lawmakers to pass the tax component.