6:30 LRN newscast May 1

Governor Edwards officially extends the stay at home order to May 15th and blasts a legislative petition that if passed would overturn the state’s public health emergency declaration backing the order. Edwards says passage of the petition would potentially disqualify Louisiana from receiving millions of dollars in federal aid and puts the public’s health in jeopardy.
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Oil City Representative Danny McCormick says the petition to cancel the stay at home order has over half the signatures it needs.

Remdesivir has shown promise in helping patients who are hospitalized with severe COVID-19 symptoms. Gilead Sciences originally developed the drug to treat Ebola. LSU Health New Orleans Chief of Infectious Disease Doctor Julio Figueroa says it wasn’t successful in that application, but it seems to help those infected by COVID-19…
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Figueroa says they are currently using it under the FDA’s Expanded Access Program, which permits the use of investigational drugs outside of a clinical trial.

Restaurants are allowed to have outdoor dining today, Brooke Thorington on what to expect.
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Malls are also allowed to offer curbside pickup as part of the changes made to the governor’s stay at home order.