06:30 Newscast March 2, 2015

The Jindal administration has said they are willing to scale back 526-million dollars in tax credits for businesses, but Chairman of the republican house delegation, state Representative Lance Harris of Alexandria is disappointed the governor didn’t suggest reeling back some of the film tax credits..

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The governor has highlighted 12 tax credits that could become non-refundable which would give the state more money to spend.

In two weeks, students will take Common Core exams and an Abbeville lawmaker has introduced a bill that will prohibit penalties if a student decides to opt out of testing. Representative Bob Hensgens says there is no law that levies penalties for not taking the tests, but that’s not what he’s hearing from school districts…

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Hensgens’ bill would protect students, schools, and school systems from non-participation penalties.

A group of state lawmakers is looking at ways we can improve the state’s film tax credits. Some have argued that the movie credits here are corrupt and too generous. New Orleans Senator JP Morrell, who is working on reform legislation, says he fully supports the program but it has major issues…

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Morrell says drafts of possible legislation will be discussed on Wednesday in a meeting with the Entertainment Industry Development Advisory Commission.

Three contestants with Louisiana ties have made it through the blind auditions on NBC’s hit show “The Voice”. One is 22-year-old Rob Taylor, who was raised in Baton Rouge and now lives in Donaldsonville. Taylor says he never thought he would get such an opportunity…

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Tonya Boyd-Cannon who’s from Jackson, Mississippi but currently lives in Chalmette and Meghan Linsey who’s from The Big Easy but living in Nashville have also made it through.