1:30 LRN Newscast April 30

Attorney General Jeff Landry is encouraging Governor Edwards to allow the reopening of churches.  Landry says there is becoming some social unrest and one of the first steps to helping is to allow churches to reunite their congregations.

Cut 9 (08) “…with their lives.″

In a letter to the Governor, Landry highlights that religious liberty is a bedrock principled right from which freedom flows.

Senator John Kennedy says he’s not in favor of rubber-stamping federal legislation to help state and local level governments cover expenses without seeing some indication as to how much revenue is expected to be lost.  Kennedy believes there are cost savings that can be done in chopping nonessential spending of government.

Cut 7 (12) “…any proposed cuts.”

The newest COVID-19 numbers from the Department of Health showcase numbers are up by 341 to 28,001 and an increase in fatalities by 60 to 1862.

Customers will be allowed to eat takeout meals outside of restaurants starting tomorrow but the Louisiana Restaurant Association says only about four percent of restaurants currently have patio dining…

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New Orleans is excluded from outside dining that will be allowed in the Phase One Measure beginning on Friday.