AM Newscall 04/29/2020

Governor Edwards addressed a promise by the feds for more testing equipment and concerns of a canceled 2021 Mardi Gras at yesterday’s press conference…

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UL system students should plan on heading back to campus in fall. Matt Doyle has the story.

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The surviving Baton Rouge Police officer wounded in Sunday’s fatal shootout that killed another officer is starting to show promising signs of recovery.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Governor Edwards announces the feds have committed to provide Louisiana with the resources needed to be able to administer 200,000 COVID tests a month.

Edwards says starting next month the state will receive increasingly larger shipments of test kit materials every week to help them reach that goal.

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Louisiana Department of Health Assistant Secretary Alex Billioux says that’s great because they’re testing more potential asymptomatic carriers who work or live with those in high-risk groups.

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First responders and those who work in nursing homes were targeted for potential increased asymptomatic testing.

Edwards also addressed comments by New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell who told reporters she’s considering canceling Mardi Gras 2021.

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Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory addresses Governor John Bel Edward’s decision to extend the stay-at-home order.  Guillory says he knows the call may have been a disappointing or frustrating development, believes the Governor is acting in good faith.

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Guillory says his region was able to get in front of the virus surge with spread mitigation efforts early on and flattening the curve has lengthened the timeline for reopening.

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Guillory remains optimistic the state will move into phase one reopening when the Governor’s stay at home order extension expires, but calls on the public to make that happen.

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University of Louisiana System President Jim Henderson says he’s planning on having students back on UL campuses for the fall semester.

Henderson says it is important to have the students back in class so they can continue their education and not suffer further setbacks.

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LSU Interim President Tomas Galligan says they’re planning on doing the same at the flagship campus.

Despite the pandemic throwing most plans out the window, Henderson says applications and admissions are up across the board.

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The state budget could take a crippling hit from the COVID shutdowns, but Henderson says that it doesn’t necessarily mean the system will go under.

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Louisiana is at the beginning of termite season and LSU AgCenter Entomologist Karen Sun says now is the time to brace for the incoming swarm.  Sun says the problematic Formosan subterranean termites are an invasive species originally from Asia but thrive in the heat and humidity of Louisiana.

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The bugs will be swarming for roughly the next two to three months.  The swarms begin at dusk and Sun says one of the best mitigation techniques is limiting outdoor lighting.

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The termites generally dissipate by 10:30 PM, at which point you should be able to turn back on outside lights.

A lot of folks know about clearing dead wood from the perimeter of your home, but Sun says there are other maintenance efforts that can help keep the termites from becoming a bigger problem.

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